These pages will give some tips and trick you can use on your Glow Blogs.

If you have any ideas for tips or ones of your own, let us know in the comments.

Testing and Changing Themes

There are different ways to test theme changes on Glow Blogs.  If you just switch Themes it is likely that some customisation, widgets and menus may have to be set up again. Menus made with previous themes will be available but may need to be reinserted into a Location. General information on themes in generall can be … Continue reading Testing and Changing Themes

Sorting Out Access Problems – Users Pending

We sometime hear about problems people have adding users to their blog. A user is added but can’t access the blog. This tip will give you some things to try to sort things out. Check the All Users screen. look at the username, have you got the name spelt correctly. Sometimes a user is marked … Continue reading Sorting Out Access Problems – Users Pending

National collaboration

If you are creating a blog where the members will come from different Local Authorities it is best to make it on the central /glowblogs instance. The tile for this may not be visible on your dashboard but any glow user can access that instance directly at glowblogs and create or join blogs there. The blogs … Continue reading National collaboration

Colour Text and other extras in the editor

We had a comment asking about coloured text this week. You can colour text easily enough in WordPress but it is not immediately obvious. At first glance the toolbar is quite simple. But the last button on the row: Will toggle an extra row: This has a few more features including Text Colour:   Here is … Continue reading Colour Text and other extras in the editor

Quick Start – Add a Calendar to your Site with Event Organiser

The Events Organiser Plugin is very powerful with lots of options. Here is how to get started to use it to add a calendar of events to your site. Activate the Event Organise Plugin In your dashboard go to the plugins page and click Activate under the Plugin Listing.  See Plugins for more information Create … Continue reading Quick Start – Add a Calendar to your Site with Event Organiser

Quick Start – Add a RM Unify Tile that points to your blog

Here is a short video showing how to add a title to your RM Unify Launch Pad that will point to your blog.   You need to be an RM Unify Admin to add it to the School Launch Pad. Copy the URL to your blog Visit the Launch Pad Click Add which appears after … Continue reading Quick Start – Add a RM Unify Tile that points to your blog

Organising Pupil content on blogs

  Organising Pupil Content on Blogs This is hopefully a useful tip for organising pupil created content on WordPress blogs like Glow Blogs. Most of the content posed to blogs consists of posts or pages. Posts join the stream, pages are static generally accessed from menus. This is another way to organise content that can … Continue reading Organising Pupil content on blogs

Edit Menus in the Customiser

We cover editing your sites Menus through the Dashboard. Appearance -> Menus (or from the Admin menu bar Blog Title -> Menus). But you can now also edit the menus in the customiser: Click Customize in the Admin bar when logged in. In the customizer click Menus Choose your menu and edit. Here is a … Continue reading Edit Menus in the Customiser

Rotating Images

Uploading photos that are flipped or rotated can be fixed in WordPress. This can be due to a photo being taken with rthe camera rotated or often from a problem in WordPress with photos taken by iPad cameras, especially with selfies. Here is how. After uploading an image it appears upside down in the media library. … Continue reading Rotating Images

Centre Your TwentyFourteen site

TwentyFourteen is a popular theme for school websites. One feature that some people dislike is the way the site is displayed on a wide screen:   You can easily set the site to be entered like this if you like:   To do this you need to activate the Jetpack plugin and then the CSS … Continue reading Centre Your TwentyFourteen site

Quick Link for Pupils to Post

Sometimes it just seems like too much bother to log on to Glow, click the blog tile and then navigate to your dashboard before finally clicking the + to add a post. This can be time consuming for young pupils too. To make it quicker you can link, in a widget on your blog, to … Continue reading Quick Link for Pupils to Post

RM Unify Tiles to link to blogs

Some people may want to add a tile to their, or their school, launch pad that goes directly to their blog and also logs them into glow. Or to direct teachers and pupils to a private or glow only blog. Just using a link to the blog will end up with the users on the … Continue reading RM Unify Tiles to link to blogs

Follow Blogs from My Sites

The Glow blogs reader helps you keep up with new posts on other blogs in your LA. This is particularly useful for teachers keeping up with e-Portfolios. There are details on Glow Blogs Reader (Follow Blogs). Now (July 2016) you can follow any blog that is listed in your my sites directly from the My … Continue reading Follow Blogs from My Sites

Video Player Tips

It is very simple to upload and embed Video in Glow Blogs, the Embedding Media Page give a an overview of the basics. Here is a simple short movie uploaded and embedded, it is only 4 seconds long: Video Details After I have added the video to the post editor I can do other things to it. … Continue reading Video Player Tips

How to Add a Twitter Widget

The widgets provided by Twitter need the ability to add JavaScript to your blogs sidebar this is not permitted for security reasons.  There is an alternative, the Jetpack Extra sidebar Widgets Twitter widget. See Extra Sidebar Widgets – Twitter Timeline on the Glow Blogs Jetpack blog for more details. UPDATE June 2016: Twitter Widgets Changes … Continue reading How to Add a Twitter Widget

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