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Otter Tracks and Signs

Otter Tracks and Signs is a holiday post by a pupils at Burravoe Primary School. It gives tips for finding otters and a recount of seeing one.

It is lovely to see primary pupils posting about their learning during the holidays.

Queen bee hatching

Yesterday, we were inspecting the hive and I noticed that the bees were all surrounding the queen cell and chewing away the wax. This is what they do when the queen is about to hatch and they help her to escape.

From Queen bee hatching | Buzzing About Bees!

What a brilliant buzzin blog, all about the schools bee hives. Some great videos, lots of information.

Mayberry Mystery Crime Scene

Posted by the Mayberry Police!

Good afternoon everyone,

Well done to all of our school investigation teams for visiting the Mining Museum to help us solve this terrible crime. Many theories and ideas were shared last week between each group and I am hoping with your expertise we can find the culprit.

During your visit, many of you collected and gathered possible evidence which I am going to share below incase you missed anything. Every piece of evidence is crucial.

Mayberry Mystery Crime Scene – Inspirational Learning Spaces

Inspirational Learning Spaces – Learners leading learning in Midlothian is a intriguing blog name, worth checking out.

Oystercatcher Eggs

We have been finding Oystercatcher eggs laid in some unusual places in the school grounds. We are asking the children not to touch them in the hope that they will be incubated by the bird. This one was spotted in the planting tub!

One of the more unusual posts I’ve seen on Glow blogs.

Oystercatcher Eggs » Applegrove Primary School

What I think of my school

I like about this school is that the lessons help me to start to be smart and have fun and what I don’t like about this school is that the doors are really stiff.

P2 | What I think of my school

This blog consists of short posts like this, giving voice to pupils about their school.


Sing alang tae the langest sang!

This is a lovely idea, classes are invited to join in with writing verses for classic Scots children’s song, The World Must Be Coming To An End.

Classes can send in their verses via email or teachgers can get an account and post to the blog themselves. Organised by Mr M (@athole) on Twitter

Sing alang tae the langest sang!


Glow Blogs YouTube tutorials by @donaldfeist

Glasgow Teacher Donald Feist (@donaldfeist) is producing some YouTube help videos on Glow Blogs. Glow Blogs Tutorial – YouTube Playlist.

Want to know how and why we use Glow Blogs as an incredible classroom resource? Look no further!
This short series is on how to create your own Glow Blog for the classroom. This is primarily aimed at Scottish teachers, however, as the platform for Glow Blogs is WordPress, this works for all teachers across the world who are allowed to use WordPress as an educational platform.

Health & Wellbeing at Morningside

This is a really detailed post about a learning session with primary 2/3. I  really enjoyed reading the post, somewhat amazed at how much went on. I imagine that parent would be delighted getting this view of their children’s classroom.

Health and wellbeing in p2/3


As an aside, lovely to see the use of featured images on the blog, this shows up nicely in the except created when I paste in the link to the blog here. It also shows in the latest posts section on the north Lanarkshire Home page:



Graphic Novels in the Classroom

This is a guest post by Metaphrog (John Chalmers and Sandra Marrs), creators of the award-nominated Louis graphic novels and The Red Shoes and Other Tales. Metaphrog, alongside Dave Hook from Stanley Odd, were the lead artists on Graphic Lyrics, our Booked! project with Shawlands Academy, Glasgow.

A post from Edinburgh International Book Festival Learning | Learning activities and events from Edinburgh International Book Festival

your place to find information on Edinburgh International Book Festival’s learning events and projects, as well as event recordings, activities and resources.


Screen Options: Customising the Post Screen

The Screen Options on the WordPress Dashboard pages may help you simplify the post screen for younger pupils. It can also show some extra features on your blog. Here is a short screencast showing how these changes are made.