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Latest news about current issues, any workarounds and fixes.

Jetpack sharing IE 11 Bug

We have discover a small issue with the Jetpack sharing module on Glow Blogs.

If Facebook and Twitter are selected to hide behind the share button they don’t show in IE11 it doesn’t work with Official buttons so the other option needs selected or they have to be shown individually.

We use the Icon Only setting here on the help blog.


We hope to fix this in a update soon.

Twitter Widget on Glow Blogs Change

Twitter has changed their API and no longer allow you to embed a twitter search on a webpage.

This means the option to use a twitter search via a Widget ID in a blog widget will not work any more. The option to embed a profile will still work.

There may be some blogs that used the Widget ID to embed a profile as before a previous change  the Widget ID was the way to embed a profile too. These sites will need to be updated to use the profile option.

Glow Blogs & Report a Concern – Connectivity Issues Work Completed.

Update 6 October 2017.

Monitoring – Essential Maintenance was performed to the Blogs Service last night in an effort to resolve the performance issues. The service has stablised at present. We will continue to monitor closely.

We are still having some problems, check Glow Scotland Status for details:

Investigating – Unfortunately, efforts to implement a fix have not been as effective as hoped. We continue to experience intermittent performance issues with Glow Blogs and Report a Concern.

from: Glow Scotland Status

Blogs Outage Sunday 17th September between 15:00 – 16:00

We have recently been experiencing performance issues on Glow Blogs around 3pm each day.

It has been agreed to allow a one hour outage to the Blogs service on Sunday 17th September between 15:00 – 16:00. This will allow our technical teams to conduct further in-depth investigations. We understand this isn’t ideal but it is necessary to progress our investigations.

Please note that the Report a Concern service will also be unavailable during this time but concerns can still be reported by sending information to the following email address where they will be investigated:

PDF upload problem – Fixed

We have had reports with a problem uploading PDF files to Glow Blogs.

This issue is now fixed, here is an example 3 page PDF uploaded to blogs: Test PDF file

PDFs that are uploaded  to blogs are linked to the  image thumbnails of the pdf. This looks like the first page of the pdf.

The developers are investigating a fix which we will be implemented as soon as possible.

We have a workaround at rather kludgy workaround.

You can upload pdfs somewhere else on the internet and link to them in your blog.

The O365 OneDrive provide by Glow is a good place to do this. After uploading a PDF to one drive you can ‘share’ it. Make it public and copy the link. In the blog post you want to add the pdf to you can, instead of uploading the file, link directly to it like this:  Download Test PDF



e-Portfolio, new section problem: Fix

A few Glow Blogs users have highlighted an issue with ePortfolio blogs whereby it is not possible to add new sections to a profile. This is only impacting new ePortfolio blogs that have been created post October.

A fix has now been identified for this and will involve running a script to update the affected blogs. This script will start running from today and could take a few days to complete. However, as the blogs get updated the users should see the issue being resolved immediately.

NB there is also a problem seem by some users where the plugin is not activated when creating an e-Portfolio blog, the workaround is to manually activate the plugin in the Dashboard: Plugins and click activate under the e-Portfolio Plugin.

Twitter Widgets Changes

Update: October 2016: The jetpack twitter widget has been updated. You now no longer need the id, you can add a widget just using your username. This post will be updated soon.

Twitter has changed the way it provides widgets.

In the past you could add a timeline of your tweets by creating a widget on twitter and using the id of that widget in the Twitter Timeline (Jetpack) widget.

Most widgets for twitter embeds no longer have ids.

more information: WordPress › Support » Twitter no longer allows the creation of a Twitter ID

Twitter embeds are produced by a link and a script tag:

<a class="twitter-timeline" data-height="500" href="">Tweets by johnjohnston</a>
<script async src="//" charset="utf-8"></script>

There is no id to put in the twitter widget.

You can paste that code into a text widget. This will strip the script tag out for security reasons. The widget will just display a link.

If you add the ‘Twitter Timeline (Jetpack) widget’ as well, without filling in any fields, the timeline will display properly.

Unfortunatly this strips the data-height=”500″ paramater so the widget display as very tall indeed.

You can fix this but wrapping the code for the widget in more code:

<div style="height:400px;overflow:auto">
<a class="twitter-timeline" href="">Tweets by johnjohnston</a>

Where 400 is the height in pixels that you want the widget to be.

The only widget that provides an id is the search widget, you can use from:username in the search field to make a widget that you can extract an id from to use in the jetpack widget.



Infinity scroll Jetpack module problem

Update Nov 2016: The inline scroll module is now working unless you use the jetpack CSS module.


More details about the Infinite Scroll module on the Jetpack blog:

Infinite Scroll


And see an example of the module in action.

The infinity scroll jetpack module is currently not working.

The blogs development team are aware of the problem and investigating a fix. There is no timescale for a fix currently and we recommend turning the module off.

e-Portfoilo Post Owners


We are having a problem where the name displayed as the ‘owner’ of the automatically created posts in an e-portfolio changes.

These posts are created when the e-portfolio is created and should be attributed to Glow or Glow Admin.

Sometime this display name changes to the name of an actual glow user.

This change is cosmetic, it does not affect the ‘owner’ of the post, it is still the Glow Admin. It is the name displayed for the Admin that is wrong.

The blogs support can fix this quickly but still do not fully understand what is causing the problem.

Please raise a call via your Local Authority to the RM Glow Help desk if you see this.

Error on Clicking Blog Tile on Launchpad

Some users are getter an error when clicking the tile or trying to logon to blogs:

Something has gone wrong. If this keeps happening, please contact support with the following, and how to re-create it:
Code: 22-1423750261

The Code varies.

This is a problem with the user account on the blogs instance. It can be fixed by the support team and you need to log a call with the username of the user affected, what they did to produce the error (Clicked on tile for example) and the code.

To report an issue you raise it through your Local Authority with the RM help desk.