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Glow Blogs Twitter Changes

There have been several changes to the way Twitter (now X) works with Glow Blogs.

Twitter/X keeps changing the goal posts for integration with other systems. Recently they have stripped out most of the functionality for free third party use.

This is, as far as we know, the current state of affairs. Please get in touch if you have a different experience or more information.

Twitter to Blogs

Time Line Widget

You cannot use the Twitter Timeline widget anymore. We will soon be removing it from Glow Blogs. At the moment it just does not work. You might see old tweets or just a no tweets yet notice in the widget.

Screenshot of twitter widgets on Glow blogs, Not working.

Embedding Tweets

You can still embed tweets in a blog post or page by pasting in the link to that tweet. N.B. I just tested this and if you copy the link to the tweet from the twitter user interface you get a url like:

you need to change x to twitter for that now to work.

In the past a tweet with replies the replies would get embedded, it now embeds the tweet and then a link to all the replies. If you embed a reply toy will get the original tweet & the one reply linked to.

Blogs to Twitter

If you paste a link to a blog post into twitter, it will produce a card consisting of the featured image which links to the blog post. As in the example above.

If the blog post does not have a featured image no image will be included.

You can still use some services to auto post tweets, is still working for me. I presume they pay twitter for the privilege. An image will be posted along with a shortened link.

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