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Glow Blogs now give you access to two different WordPress editors.

Blocks – Classic Editors more information

At the moment, January 2023, the Classic editor is turned on by default, you can set the blog to use the block editor instead or set it up to have one or other as the default with the choice to switch. More details on the blocks page.

In the future WordPres will be transitioning to the Blocks Editor, we hope to transition to defaulting to the Blocks editor but suport the classic editor while we can.

Brief instructions to using the classic editor and the blocks editor follow.


Video and audio are added by adding a Video and audio block.


Audio Block – Documentation –

Embed audio into a post. Audio can be uploaded to your media library or from an external source.

An audio file will included as an enclosure in the blogs RSS feed and can be consumed as a podcast.

Curlew Benboncan CC-BY from freesound

There are very few setting for the audio block: Autoplay, Loop & preload, these can be set from the settings sidebar.


Video Block  – Documentation –

For display video by upload or via a URL. Not used for Youtube, vimeo etc which need a embed block.

5 thoughts on “Adding Media”

  1. When you add media as a link, a URL is created and even when the media & link are removed from a page or post the URL still remains available if a user copied this – how can I remove the URL when a media is no longer to be available?

    I have removed the link from the page and media from the library but a user had saved the URL for a document that is no longer to be available!!!

    Any help appreciated, thanks.

    1. Jo answered this one herself and let us know in an email.
      it seems that once you remove media and link it takes a few days for the URL to stop working

  2. We have been getting a message saying our storage quota has been reached. Is there anyway round this other than deleting media? We have only been using the class blogs and school blog since August and are already full 🙁
    As always, any hints or tips would be appreciated.

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