Splash image, text: Glow Blogs Tutorial: Links Site or page

Glow Blogs Tutorial: Simple Links Site

This tutorial shows how to make a one page site with Glow Blogs. You can read through the tutorial or follow along on the Video.

Screenshot of a Linksl list page

The tutorial will cover using the block editor, patterns & the document overview.

This will be a Links in Bio type of page or site that is common on the internet now, sometimes called Link Trees sites. There are several services that will help you create such a site but it is pretty easy with Glow Blogs.

You could add a page like this to an existing site or create a a one page site just for sharing a set of links.

The tutorial will also help you to understand some of the basics of the Block editor.

The site will be a simple list of links. I might use it to provide a set of resources, or list different places on the internet I’ve got a presence.

You can view the completed one page example site.

This is the first of several tutorials sites that are in the works. We would very much appreciate any feedback.

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