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Latest news about the Glow Blogs service, updates, issues, workarounds and fixes.

Getting Help with Glow Blogs

During the times of School Closure many schools are using Glow.

Blogs are particularly suited publishing news and information in a timely fashion and one of the easiest ways to post public information that does not need a log on to. The recent infrastructure changes make Glow Blogs a more robust platform too.

If you need help with Glow Blogs, here is how to get it:

If you need to know how to do something the Help Blog is a good place to start use the search box from any page of look at the Site Map.

There is a list of Frequently Asked Questions (and answers)
Three of the most common are:

If you can’t find what you want you can get in touch using the contact form. Or leave a comment on any of the pages. If you do not get an answer to these please email

If the problem looks like a bug or a problem with an account you need to log it with the RM help desk via you LA.

If the question does not relate to Blogs you are better looking at:
General Glow Help Information

If your question is about Accounts and password
Accounts and passwords

Glow Blogs Theme Retirement

The themes made unavailable in December will be retired completely on the 30th of January along with themes that were removed from the theme picker  in 2015.

Removal of old and unmaintained themes will allow us to update Glow Blogs and keep blogs secure.

If your blog uses on of the old themes, it will be automatically switched to the Twenty Fourteen theme on the 30th of January 2020.  As this may result is a few changes to your blog appearance, menus and widgets we suggest that you change your theme before then.

We have general information on themes and advice on testing and changing themes  here on the help blog. Please get in touch if you need more advice.

You can find out more about the process on Glow Connect:

Guidance on Glow Blogs Theme Retirement

Themes being retired include: classic, default, digg3, dundee, fjords, K21.0.3, oxygen, p2, regulus, suburbia, suffusion, visual and wp-andreas01.

Glow Blogs Theme Retirement

As we work on improving and upgrading Glow  Blogs some of the themes currently in use are not compatible with newer versions of WordPress. These are going to be retired, first made unavailable in the theme picker from Tuesday 17th December  and next year removed from Glow Blogs altogether. Glow Key Contacts will be receiving advice.

More information is available on Glow Connect

Retirement of Glow Blogs Themes

If you are using one of the listed themes you start thinking of changing to another one. We have information on changing themes here.   Please leave a comment or get in touch if you need more information on changing themes or need advice on how to support a particular feature.

Ongoing Glow Blogs Performance Improvements

Glow Blogs Performance Improvements – Glow Connect

there will be ongoing work which will last for around a week from Tuesday 10th December at 4pm. We will aim to do most of this out of hours as there might be a slight impact on performance but the process running may run over into the next day so users should be aware of this.

Users should also be aware that there are a number of themes that are no longer supported by the developers so these will be getting made unavailable for new sites on Tuesday 17th December. This will not affect existing sites using these and we will send further communications to Glow Key Contacts to advise on the next steps.

Glow Blogs infrastructure update 2

Glow Blogs are back after the weekend update, thank for your patience.

The upgrade should improve performance of blogs and allow us to continue developing the service going forward.

Featured image: All Systems GO! by Andrew Hart used under a Creative Commons — Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic — CC BY-SA 2.0 license.

Glow Blogs infrastructure update

The work for this will be carried out over the weekend of Friday 31st May and should be completed by the afternoon of Monday 3rd June. During this period the service will not be available for any users to either edit of view blogs. We have informed Glow Key Contacts of this in advance of the work being carried out and set this date so that the work did not take place during exam time.

More details: Glow Blogs Update – Glow Connect


Back in January we explained that we had archived some older blogs that had not been updated  for a number of years. At that point these blogs were no longer accessible but could be restored on request.

We are now going to delete these blogs and then they will not be able to be restored.

If you have a blog that has been archived you need to let us know, via your  Glow Key Contact, that you would like this blog restored.

Retirement of WP-Andreas01 theme

The WP-Andreas01 theme has not been updated for 10 years and is becoming increasingly incompatible with our version of WordPress.

We have decided to retire the theme. This means it will be no longer available to select in the Themes section of your dashboard or through the customizer.

If your blog currently uses WP-Andreas01 it will continue to do so unless you change to another theme. You will then not be able to switch back.

We would suggest that switching to another theme to take advantage of the many changes and improvements in WordPress over the last 10 years.

Glow Blogs Housekeeping Update

In December we let you know about a Glow Blogs housekeeping exercise we’re carrying out to free up some space and keep the service running well.

Work is progressing and we have now archived older Glow Blogs that haven’t been used for a number of years. Following this, around the end of April 2019 we will permanently delete these from the system to free up space and help improve overall performance.

If your Glow Blog is archived but you want to continue using it you have the opportunity to restore it back to the live environment. Simply email your Glow Key Contact before the end of April 2019 and they will raise a service call on your behalf. Otherwise there’s nothing you need to do.

from: Glow Blogs Housekeeping Update – Glow Connect

Jetpack sharing IE 11 Bug

We have discover a small issue with the Jetpack sharing module on Glow Blogs.

If Facebook and Twitter are selected to hide behind the share button they don’t show in IE11 it doesn’t work with Official buttons so the other option needs selected or they have to be shown individually.

We use the Icon Only setting here on the help blog.


We hope to fix this in a update soon.