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Latest news about the Glow Blogs service, updates, issues, workarounds and fixes.

Glow Blogs Start of Session FAQ

A few quick tips that might help at the start of this new session.

Forgotten username or password

Your RM Unify Admin, who may be in your establishment or Local Authority will be able to help.

I need to access a blog where I do not have a role. For example you have moved school.

An Admin of the blog should be able to add you. Adding Users, Setting Roles | Glow Blog Help

No one in school can access a blog (perhaps staff have moved or retired)

You need to get your Local Authority to raise a call with theRM help desk.

Make sure you include the usernames you want added to a blog and the URL of the blog.

I can log on to Glow but I can’t access a blog where I have a role.

You need to get your Local Authority to raise a call with theRM help desk.

Make sure you include your username and the URL of the blog.

I can’t work out how to…

  1. Search the help blog
  2. Check the FAQ
  3. Use the contact form to get personal help.
  4. Leave a comment on one of the pages if you think that is appropriate.
  5. Chek the Yammer Group Yammer : Glow Blogs – Community Support Group
  6. email

Featured image HELP | Alan Levine | Flickr  Some rights reserved

Glow Blogs Updated 18 Aug 2020

Glow Blogs had an update today. There are several changes mostly with the Jetpack plugin. This has been updated and brings a few new useful features.

There is a new module Copy Post, this adds the ability to start a new post based on existing posts. This adds a link to the posts and page lists. It need to be activated in the Jetpack settings.

The contact form is now edited directly in the post or page editor.

Lazy Images makes pages load much faster by only loading visible images, waiting to load images that are offscreen as you scroll down.

Sitemaps are files that list each post and page that should be indexed by search engines like Google or Bing. Jetpack allows you to generate such files thanks to the Sitemaps feature. Once activated you can find the sitemap.xml file on your blog at: yourblogurl/sitemap.xml

So for the help site this would be

If you have the sitemap activated you can submit it to google to help with indexing your site and produce a sitemap on your site by using the [sitemap] shortcode.

Tiled Galleries this add several different galley options to Galleries. This includes tiled mosaic, a square grid, and a circular grid.

We will be adding more help on some of these features soon.

Glow Blogs for Contingency and Continuity

Given the current school closures in Scotland schools and teachers are looking for ways to continue to deliver education.

You can use Glow to deliver education during an unexpected event. There are many different Glow applications and services. Here are some of the features of Glow Blogs that may be useful.

  • Many schools already have their school websites set up on Glow Blogs. These may be the natural place for parents and pupils to look for information in the first instance.
  • Public Glow Blogs can be seem without having to login. Pupils and parents who are unable to logon to Glow will be able to access information.
  • Glow Blogs are websites are accessible in a web browser in a wide range of devices. The requirements are low and without installing a particular application.
  • Information can be presented in a variety of ways. Text, images, audio, video and embedding content from other websites (For example YouTube).
  • A the simplest level, text, it is very simple to post to a blog.

What sort of information can you provide to visitors

  • General Advice around school closures. Information about hub schools and links to Local Authority information.
  • General Learning Resources
  • Advice and resources for classes and groups
  • Information of how pupils can connect to other services in Glow. Classrooms, Teams, Sharepoint sites etc.

All this information can be organised to make it easily accessible to pupils and visitors visitors.

The help blog should help you if you need to find out how to do something. Use the menus or search to find content. We have  FAQ and Tips  pages too.

You can get more help via the support, or leave a comment on the appropriate page.

Getting Help with Glow Blogs

During the times of School Closure many schools are using Glow.

Blogs are particularly suited publishing news and information in a timely fashion and one of the easiest ways to post public information that does not need a log on to. The recent infrastructure changes make Glow Blogs a more robust platform too.

If you need help with Glow Blogs, here is how to get it:

If you need to know how to do something the Help Blog is a good place to start use the search box from any page of look at the Site Map.

There is a list of Frequently Asked Questions (and answers)
Three of the most common are:

If you can’t find what you want you can get in touch using the contact form. Or leave a comment on any of the pages. If you do not get an answer to these please email

If the problem looks like a bug or a problem with an account you need to log it with the RM help desk via you LA.

If the question does not relate to Blogs you are better looking at:
General Glow Help Information

If your question is about Accounts and password
Accounts and passwords

Glow Blogs Theme Retirement

The themes made unavailable in December will be retired completely on the 30th of January along with themes that were removed from the theme picker  in 2015.

Removal of old and unmaintained themes will allow us to update Glow Blogs and keep blogs secure.

If your blog uses on of the old themes, it will be automatically switched to the Twenty Fourteen theme on the 30th of January 2020.  As this may result is a few changes to your blog appearance, menus and widgets we suggest that you change your theme before then.

We have general information on themes and advice on testing and changing themes  here on the help blog. Please get in touch if you need more advice.

You can find out more about the process on Glow Connect:

Guidance on Glow Blogs Theme Retirement

Themes being retired include: classic, default, digg3, dundee, fjords, K21.0.3, oxygen, p2, regulus, suburbia, suffusion, visual and wp-andreas01.

Glow Blogs Theme Retirement

As we work on improving and upgrading Glow  Blogs some of the themes currently in use are not compatible with newer versions of WordPress. These are going to be retired, first made unavailable in the theme picker from Tuesday 17th December  and next year removed from Glow Blogs altogether. Glow Key Contacts will be receiving advice.

More information is available on Glow Connect

Retirement of Glow Blogs Themes

If you are using one of the listed themes you start thinking of changing to another one. We have information on changing themes here.   Please leave a comment or get in touch if you need more information on changing themes or need advice on how to support a particular feature.

Jetpack sharing IE 11 Bug

We have discover a small issue with the Jetpack sharing module on Glow Blogs.

If Facebook and Twitter are selected to hide behind the share button they don’t show in IE11 it doesn’t work with Official buttons so the other option needs selected or they have to be shown individually.

Jetpack sharing settings screenshot

We use the Icon Only setting here on the help blog.

Jetpack sharing settings - buttons


We hope to fix this in a update soon.

Glow Blogs Clean Up

There are now well over 200000 blogs in Glow Blogs. Many have now fallen into disuse.

We are going to be removing some inactive blogs to help with the performance of those in use – this will include private blogs with no users and blogs with no updates for over 2 years. Further information will be issued in the next two weeks.

So if you have a blog you use, but it has not been updated for a couple of years it might be an idea to update it.

Twitter Widget on Glow Blogs Change

Twitter has changed their API and no longer allow you to embed a twitter search on a webpage.

This means the option to use a twitter search via a Widget ID in a blog widget will not work any more. The option to embed a profile will still work.

There may be some blogs that used the Widget ID to embed a profile as before a previous change  the Widget ID was the way to embed a profile too. These sites will need to be updated to use the profile option.