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Glow Blogs Webinar

Susan Sey, Education Scotland Product Manager ran a Glow Blogs Webinar last week.

This session provided an overview of how Glow Blogs could be used by practitioners and students to capture and exemplify learning.
There was a live demo showcasing how you can build pages using the new block editor.
We also looked at how you can embed interactivity by using the H5P plugin.

Glow Blogs Webinar – Glow Connect

You can download the presentation, follow links and watch a replay on Glow Connect.

Mayberry Mystery Crime Scene

Posted by the Mayberry Police!

Good afternoon everyone,

Well done to all of our school investigation teams for visiting the Mining Museum to help us solve this terrible crime. Many theories and ideas were shared last week between each group and I am hoping with your expertise we can find the culprit.

During your visit, many of you collected and gathered possible evidence which I am going to share below incase you missed anything. Every piece of evidence is crucial.

Mayberry Mystery Crime Scene – Inspirational Learning Spaces

Inspirational Learning Spaces – Learners leading learning in Midlothian is a intriguing blog name, worth checking out.


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