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Comment Notification

Glow Blogs now supports email notification for comments. To enable email notification: Dashboard Settings Discussion Email me whenever:  A comment is held for moderation √ Before a comment appears: Comment must be manually approved √ The Admin email address and the email address of the post author (if different)   will now receive notification of comments on … Continue reading Comment Notification

Sign up to follow blog via email

Some sites may want to offer visitors the opportunity to get updates via email. for example a School Website may want parents to be able to signup to get the latest news. There is not built in option to do this in Glow Blogs. You can use a third party service such as to … Continue reading Sign up to follow blog via email


Some websites allow you to embed their content on another page via iFrames. Our technical and security advice is that this is not a safe ands secure thing to enable on Glow Blogs. Many of these types of content, YouTube, Google Maps, twitter also supply oEmbed codes and these do work in Glow Blogs. For … Continue reading iFrames

How much space do I have on my Blog

A new blog has 1,025 MB Space Allowed for file uploads. You can see how much space you have used on the Dashboard: This space can be increased by request. Contact the RM help desk via your Local Authority contact. We recommend that you try to keep these requests to a minimum. Often blogs ballon … Continue reading How much space do I have on my Blog

Users Pending

After adding the users through entering their usernames they all show as PENDING.How do I move these pupils from PENDING to being live users of the Blog? When the users have logged onto glow and the blog their account on the blogs service will be created and they will no longer be pending. We do not … Continue reading Users Pending

How do I delete a site

See: Deleting a Site here on Glow Blog Help To delete a blog: Log on to the dashboard. Check you have a working email address in Settings->General. Go to Tools->Delete a Site Check the box to say you know you cannot get your blog back. Click Delete Site. You will receive an email with a … Continue reading How do I delete a site

Something has gone wrong

Occasionally users may get a message: Something has gone wrong. If this keeps happening, please contact support with the following, and how to re-create it: Code: 16-1424443550 The code may vary. If the problem does not resolve itself by trying again/logging off and on again there may be a problem with your account. You need … Continue reading Something has gone wrong

Themes and Plugins

We are frequently asked how to add plugins and themes that are not available in the system to a Glow Blog. In a WordPress multi-site system plugins are added by the Network Admin not individual blog administrators. We have added plugins and themes regularly as part of our upgrade and maintenance process for Glow Blogs. We … Continue reading Themes and Plugins

Removing auto-hypination from TwentyFourteen

The TweentyFouteen theme auto hyphenates text to make it look less egged in narrow columns. Some people do not like it. You can remove it using the CSS module of the Jetpack Plugin. You can read more about the jetpack plugin. Here is how to remove auto-hypination: Activate theJetpack plugin (Dashboard->Plugins) Activate the Custom CSS … Continue reading Removing auto-hypination from TwentyFourteen

Mobile Blogging

Glow Blogs do not support blogging from mobile apps. They do however allow you to blog from a browser in a mobile (smart) phone. Mobile Blogging on the Glow Blog Help a short screencast posting to a glow blog from mobile. #glowblogs improvements: mobile on my own blog Mobile Video example post with videos posted from … Continue reading Mobile Blogging

Adding a Hit Counter

There are many ways of adding a hit counter to web pages and blogs. Only certain ways will work on Glow blogs. JavaScript or iFrame solutions will not work you need to use an image based system for example Clustermaps. This would allow blogs to find out how many visitors they have. How to add a … Continue reading Adding a Hit Counter

Can I embed a google form in Glow Blogs ?

Currently you cannot use Goole Forms in Glow Blogs. Google forms use iFrames to embed, see the iFrames FAQ. You can use the Jetpack plugin’s Contact Form module to do much the same thing. For Example: This will optionally email me responses. It will also save them in a feedback section in the blog, where they … Continue reading Can I embed a google form in Glow Blogs ?

File Uploads

Here is a list of the types of file that you can upload: Images: .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif, .bmp, .tif, .tiff Files: .pdf (Portable Document Format; Adobe Acrobat) .doc, .docx (Microsoft Word Document) .ppt, .pptx, .pps, .ppsx (Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation) .odt (OpenDocument Text Document) .xls, .xlsx (Microsoft Excel Document) .txt (text files) .zip (zip files) … Continue reading File Uploads

Internet Explorer Compatibility View

In the ‘old’ Glow blogs that were running WordPress 2.9.2 when Internet Explorer got to version 8 & 9 there was a problem posting to Glow Blogs that was fixed by setting the Compatibility View. Some people fixed that by setting this up on their browser but in some cases this was set at a … Continue reading Internet Explorer Compatibility View

How to Add a Twitter Widget

The widgets provided by Twitter need the ability to add JavaScript to your blogs sidebar this is not permitted for security reasons.

Access to non-public blogs on other Local Authorities

The blogs authentication is currently tied to the LAs instance. That means if you need access to a glow only or private blog in another Local Authority you will need the tile for that instance on your Unify Launchpad. Your school Unify administrator will be able to make that Tile available for you to your … Continue reading Access to non-public blogs on other Local Authorities

Google Analytics

A frequently requested feature for Glow Blogs is Google Analytics. This would allow blogs to find out how many visitors they have. Access to stats is in the development backlog for Glow Blogs and we hope to introduce it at a future date. We have not concluded that Google Analytics will be the best way to … Continue reading Google Analytics

Auto Post to Twitter or Facebook

If you want to automatically posts your blog posts to twitter or facebook you need to use a 3rd party site. Smart Social Media Automation will post to Twitter and facebook and is free for the first 3 ‘services’ it posts to. ITTT (if this then that) can Connect Feed to Facebook Pages – … Continue reading Auto Post to Twitter or Facebook

Adding Members from other LAs

The blogs authentication is currently tied to the LAs instance. If you are creating a blog where the members will come from different Local Authorities it is best to make it on the central /glowblogs instance. Otherwise the users from different LAs need to have the the tile for the Glow Blogs  of the LA to be … Continue reading Adding Members from other LAs

e-Portfolio Plugin Not activated

There is also a problem seem by some users where the plugin is not activated when creating an e-Portfolio blog. The workaround is to manually activate the plugin in the Dashboard: Plugins and click activate under the e-Portfolio Plugin. The team are investigating the problem.

Quick Link for Pupils to Post

Sometimes it just seems like too much bother to log on to Glow, click the blog tile and then navigate to your dashboard before finally clicking the + to add a post. This can be time consuming for young pupils too. 

Centre Your TwentyFourteen site

TwentyFourteen is a popular theme for school websites. One feature that some people dislike is the way the site is displayed on a wide screen left aligned. 

A Static Front Page

Sometimes we don’t want the front page of our site to show a flow of posts. We would rather it has some basic information. This is easy to do with WordPress. Here on the help blog we use this technique. The front page is a welcome and introduction to the site and Glow Blogs, the … Continue reading A Static Front Page

Edit Menus in the Customiser

We cover editing your sites Menus through the Dashboard. Appearance -> Menus (or from the Admin menu bar Blog Title -> Menus). But you can now also edit the menus in the customiser:

Quick Start – Add a RM Unify Tile that points to your blog

Here is a short video showing how to add a title to your RM Unify Launch Pad that will point to your blog.

Quick Start – Add a Calendar to your Site with Event Organiser

The Events Organiser Plugin is very powerful with lots of options. Here is how to get started to use it to add a calendar of events to your site.

National collaboration

If you are creating a blog where the members will come from different Local Authorities it is best to make it on the central /glowblogs instance.

No Admin Access

If there is no longer anyone with Admin access to your blog and you need to carry out any of the Admin-only tasks; Deleting a blog, Editing the Appearance, adding or removing members etc. You need to have a new Admin added. To do this you must go through your Local Authority who request this … Continue reading No Admin Access

Testing and Changing Themes

There are different ways to test theme changes on Glow Blogs.  If you just switch Themes it is likely that some customisation, widgets and menus may have to be set up again. Menus made with previous themes will be available but may need to be reinserted into a Location.

Scheduling Posts

You might want to schedule set of posts to appear at a later date or time. Here is how to do it.

email link

Email John to make a link that will cause a users email app to open and be addressed you put in You can do this in the editor like the gif below or if you are linking on an image, change the Link to to Custom link and put in

Reclaiming Space on your blog.

Sometimes you want to clear up old posts and media on your blog to save space or because content is no longer relevant. This can be confusing. Deleting posts does not save any file space at all. Text in posts and pages is kept in the database and not the file space your blog is … Continue reading Reclaiming Space on your blog.

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