Quick Start – Add a RM Unify Tile that points to your blog

Here is a short video showing how to add a title to your RM Unify Launch Pad that will point to your blog.


You need to be an RM Unify Admin to add it to the School Launch Pad.

  1. Copy the URL to your blog
  2. Visit the Launch Pad
  3. Click Add which appears after the last tile
  4. Give your tile a title
  5. Paste in the URL
  6. Click Generate a Thumbnails
  7. Save
  8. On the next screen choose which role should get the title & which   Launch pads  it should appear on

Advanced Tip

If you want to link to the New Post link on your blog you can add


To the end of your blog address.

so if your blog was at


You would use


RM Unify Tip, if you don’t want the auto generated webclip as the image for your title you can select and upload your own.

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