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PDF upload problem – Fixed

We have had reports with a problem uploading PDF files to Glow Blogs.

This issue is now fixed, here is an example 3 page PDF uploaded to blogs: Test PDF file

PDFs that are uploaded  to blogs are linked to the  image thumbnails of the pdf. This looks like the first page of the pdf.

The developers are investigating a fix which we will be implemented as soon as possible.

We have a workaround at rather kludgy workaround.

You can upload pdfs somewhere else on the internet and link to them in your blog.

The O365 OneDrive provide by Glow is a good place to do this. After uploading a PDF to one drive you can ‘share’ it. Make it public and copy the link. In the blog post you want to add the pdf to you can, instead of uploading the file, link directly to it like this:  Download Test PDF



e-Portfolio, new section problem: Fix

A few Glow Blogs users have highlighted an issue with ePortfolio blogs whereby it is not possible to add new sections to a profile. This is only impacting new ePortfolio blogs that have been created post October.

A fix has now been identified for this and will involve running a script to update the affected blogs. This script will start running from today and could take a few days to complete. However, as the blogs get updated the users should see the issue being resolved immediately.

NB there is also a problem seem by some users where the plugin is not activated when creating an e-Portfolio blog, the workaround is to manually activate the plugin in the Dashboard: Plugins and click activate under the e-Portfolio Plugin.

Issue: Notice of Password Change email – Fixed

Update March 8, 2016, this issue has been fixed.

There is a current issue where the Blogs system is incorrectly sending an email with the subject of “Notice of Password Change”.

Glow Blogs do not use passwords as they use RM Unify to authenticate.

We are investigating. Please ignore this email.

Glow Blogs Update March 2016

There will be a new release on the Glow Blogs Service on Monday 07th March 2016 between 4:00 pm and 5:00 pm.
We expect that the service will be unavailable for only a few minutes but should be considered at risk for the whole period.

The main focus of the release is upgrade to WordPress version 4.3.3 and a new Translation plugin along with some minor bug fixes.

Addition: Translation Widget
This can be added to your blog from the widget page.

Fix: Video files .mov and mp4 files now playing properly on browsers and devices
These files did not play on iOS devices and gave poorer performance in some browsers.
This is now fixed. It also improves MP3 audio playback.

Remember that playback of media files depends on the media file, the browser & operating system.

Change: the featured Jetpack modules, this now makes more sense, showing useful modules on the main Jetpack page.

Fix: Attachment Search plugin
This plugin broke the search across pages on a site, this is now fixed.

The Attachment Search plugin is useful if you are providing a lot of file resources. It includes information from file uploads including the file names and descriptions in search results.

Please get in touch with any questions or concerns.


Video problem on iOS

This was fixed in a release in March 2016
Currently Video uploaded and embedded to Glow Blogs does not play on iOS.

The Developers have identified the reason for the problem and ways to fix the issue. These are currently being evaluated and we hope to have a fix in an update soon.

e-Portfoilo Post Owners


We are having a problem where the name displayed as the ‘owner’ of the automatically created posts in an e-portfolio changes.

These posts are created when the e-portfolio is created and should be attributed to Glow or Glow Admin.

Sometime this display name changes to the name of an actual glow user.

This change is cosmetic, it does not affect the ‘owner’ of the post, it is still the Glow Admin. It is the name displayed for the Admin that is wrong.

The blogs support can fix this quickly but still do not fully understand what is causing the problem.

Please raise a call via your Local Authority to the RM Glow Help desk if you see this.

Broken Links

There is an issue with newly created blogs. The links created for categories, tags and formats is sometimes broken.
This leads to the links for categories in the side bar or on posts leading to a Not found Page.

The developers are looking for a fix.

This issue was fixed Blogs Update Phase 2.2 – WordPress 4.1.2 | Glow Blog Help

There is a workaround:
In the dashboard of an affected blog go to Settings->Permalinks.

Click the Save Settings button.

Password Protected Post Problem

This was Fixed in Blogs Phase 2.1 Release Tuesday 24th February

Since the upgrade to WordPress 4 we have a problem with password protected post.

Viewing a password protected post redirects the user to RM Unify authentication if not logged in and to a SAML2 error code if already logged in.
This behaviour exists regardless of Blog privacy level.  This means that password protected posts cannot be accessed.

The Developers are looking at fixing this issue as soon as possible.

There is no real workaround for this at the moment, other than not using password protected posts.  There are serveral option that will partially workaround the problem:

A workaround for people who don’t mind the material being publicly available is to remove the password protection:

  1. Go to each post which is password protected
  2. Edit the post and…
  3. Add a tag to them “password protected” (so they can be found again afterwards)
  4. In the “Publish” box on the edit page for that post, click the “Edit” link next to “Visibility”
  5. Click the blue “Update” button

A workaround for people who don’t want the material to be publicly available, and can make their entire blog Glow Only (i.e. visible to logged in Glow Users only) is to:

  1. Go to Settings > Reading
  2. Scroll down to “Blog Visibility” and set this to “Glow Only”
  3. Click “Save Changes”
  4. Go to each post which is password protected
  5. Edit the post and…
  6. Add a tag to them “password protected” (so they can be found again afterwards)
  7. In the “Publish” box on the edit page for that post, click the “Edit” link next to “Visibility”
  8. Click the blue “Update” button

To reinstate the password protection when the fix is deployed:

  1. Go to the WP Admin Dashboard
  2. Click “Posts” > “Tags”
  3. To the right of the “password protected” tag, click on the number in the “Count” column… this will show all posts with this tag
  4. Edit each post and add the password protection back again

Internet Explorer Needs Compatibility Mode

Fixed in Upgrade to WordPress 4 January 2015

A long time issue with glow blogs has been the need to turn on compatibility mode in newer versions of Internet Explorer.

This problem will go away when we move to WordPress version 4 (Hopefully before the end of 2014).

There are various problems with using a new version of IE with blogs without compatibility mode, the worst probably being that  publishing a post, fails to save & publish the content of the post.

Workaround: If you have to use IE make sure compatibility mode is turned on. Or use a different browser.

Scheduled Posts

Fixed in Upgrade to WordPress 4 January 2015

It appears that scheduling of posts is failing. We have started to investigate this.

At the moment there is no workaround except to publish posts directly.