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I am a teacher, currently working in Banton Primary for North Lanarkshire Council. I also act as Product Owner/provide support for Glow Blogs. I like Blogs.

Glow Blogs suggestions

The Glow Blogs team are looking for your ideas to improve and update Glow Blogs. The next release for Glow Blogs is planned for Summer 2018 so we would like to hear from users now to give us enough time to develop the new or updated features.

You can read more and add your ideas on the suggestions page.

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Glow Blogs & Report a Concern – Connectivity Issues Work Completed.

Update 6 October 2017.

Monitoring – Essential Maintenance was performed to the Blogs Service last night in an effort to resolve the performance issues. The service has stablised at present. We will continue to monitor closely.

We are still having some problems, check Glow Scotland Status for details:

Investigating – Unfortunately, efforts to implement a fix have not been as effective as hoped. We continue to experience intermittent performance issues with Glow Blogs and Report a Concern.

from: Glow Scotland Status

WordPress Update

Glow Blogs have been updated from WordPress 4.7 to 4.8.2

The main features in this update:

New Widgets

There are new Text, Image, Audio & Video widgets More details and examples.

Improvements to adding links

Adding and editing links is now a better process.

See the Version 4.8 on WordPress Codex for more details.

Blogs Outage Sunday 17th September between 15:00 – 16:00

We have recently been experiencing performance issues on Glow Blogs around 3pm each day.

It has been agreed to allow a one hour outage to the Blogs service on Sunday 17th September between 15:00 – 16:00. This will allow our technical teams to conduct further in-depth investigations. We understand this isn’t ideal but it is necessary to progress our investigations.

Please note that the Report a Concern service will also be unavailable during this time but concerns can still be reported by sending information to the following email address where they will be investigated:

PDF upload problem – Fixed

We have had reports with a problem uploading PDF files to Glow Blogs.

This issue is now fixed, here is an example 3 page PDF uploaded to blogs: Test PDF file

PDFs that are uploaded  to blogs are linked to the  image thumbnails of the pdf. This looks like the first page of the pdf.

The developers are investigating a fix which we will be implemented as soon as possible.

We have a workaround at rather kludgy workaround.

You can upload pdfs somewhere else on the internet and link to them in your blog.

The O365 OneDrive provide by Glow is a good place to do this. After uploading a PDF to one drive you can ‘share’ it. Make it public and copy the link. In the blog post you want to add the pdf to you can, instead of uploading the file, link directly to it like this:  Download Test PDF



Glow Blogs Unavailable 14-07-2017 to 24-07-2017

Scheduled Blogs Maintenance 14-07-2017- 24-07-2017

Please note that this service will not be available from the evening of 14/07/2017 till 24/07/2017.
We are migrating this application to a new infrastructure service during the summer holiday period to minimize any inconvenience.

The new service will offer a more stable and extendable service.

We hope to complete this migration as per schedule and will let you know as soon as the service has been fully restored.

If you have any queries or concerns about this downtime please get in touch with Education Scotland.

Glow Blog Release June 2017

There was a new release on the Glow Blogs Service on Wednesday 07th June 2017.
Following are the main components of the release in addition to bug fixes and routine backend maintenance work.

  • ePortfolios – Ability for teachers to bulk create ePortfolios. Bulk Creation of e-Portfolio Blogs
  • ePortfolios – Ability for LAs to Determine Default Profile Tags at Network Admin Level
  • Auditing – Addition of wp_stream plugin that will audit various activities on blogs (this will not affect blog users).
  • Addition of MakePlus plugin that accompanies the Make theme
  • Ability to embed files
  • Ability to use embed codes and short codes in widgets (this will include YouTube videos) More information…

Help is being added for these features and will be linked above as it is created.

e-mail Notification for comments

Glow Blogs now supports email notification for comments.

To enable email notification:

  1. Dashboard
  2. Settings
  3. Discussion
    1. Email me whenever:  A comment is held for moderation √
    2. Before a comment appears: Comment must be manually approved √

Glow Blogs February 2017 Release

There was a new release on the Glow Blogs Service on Tuesday 28th February 2016.
Following are the main components of the release in addition to minor bug fixes and routine backend maintenance work.

  • Blog admins will receive email notifications of any comments on their blog posts if they have chosen to receive them.
  • Blog admins will be able to view Google analytics data related to their blog.
  • Upgrade to WordPress version 4.7.2.
  • New themes – WordPress 2017 and Make Designer
  • Retiral of Default and Classic themes
  • Syntax highlighting Plugin, will allow pretty display of source code in posts.


Glow Blogs January 2017 Release

NB, the Add Users feature this release has been rolled back. A bug in the RM unify api prevented the selection of pupils via year group. We will reinstate the change when the bug is fixed.

There will be a new release on the Glow Blogs Service on Monday 09th January 2017 between 4:00 pm and 5:00 pm.

We expect that the service will be unavailable for only a few minutes but should be considered at risk for the whole period.

The main focus of the release is a change to the data that is available on the Add Users screen. Blog administrators will now be able to bulk add users to a blog by selecting and adding year groups and registration groups in addition to the existing teaching groups, if they have been setup in SEEMiS.

This will be particularly useful in primary schools as they generally do not have teaching groups in Glow.

Manual addition of users to blogs will continue to be available as now. Help will be added for this change in the Glow Blogs Help blog once the functionality is live.

We will update the Adding Users, Setting Roles page here on the help blog as soon as possible after the release.