Draw Attention Pro is a plugin for creating interactive images.

This site shows some of the uses of the Draw Attention plugin that can be used in Glow Blogs.  The Draw Attention Image below will allow you to navigate around this site and go to other links.

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Countdown to Safer Internet Day

Countdown to Safer Internet Day 2021 uses the Draw Attention plugin to show activities for each day on the visual calendar

Virtual Classroom

A Virtual Classroom used in Lockdown at the start of 2021: Home Learning – Banton Biggies

Advent Calendar

An example Advent Calendar. This uses the Display Posts plugin to display information in the Info Boxes. Post are scheduled so that they do not show up until the day. Advent Calendar – An Example Glow Blog for Christmas

Glow Blogs Help

The Glow Blog help blog give information on using Glow Blogs: Glow Blog Help ther is a Draw Attention Pro page.

Draw Attention

The WP Draw Attention | WordPress Plugin for Interactive Images site has more information and examples.