Edit Menus in the Customiser

We cover editing your sites Menus through the Dashboard. Appearance -> Menus (or from the Admin menu bar Blog Title -> Menus).

But you can now also edit the menus in the customiser:

  1. Click Customize in the Admin bar when logged in.
  2. In the customizer click Menus
  3. Choose your menu and edit.

Here is a quick gif showing 2 ways to reorder your menu:

gif showing moving menu items in customiser

Depending on your menu and how you like to work this may suit you better that the Dashboard method. If you are using the customizer you can see a preview of the menus as you work


3 thoughts on “Edit Menus in the Customiser”

  1. Help! Again….
    So. Leader Valley School.
    I have been looking at menus. I wanted to create a page for each “class” under the heading “Settings in Schools”. These new pages have now appeared on the home page., but I wanted them as a drop down option from the link on the home page. I am not getting this right! Doh.

    1. This is a reply to your comment;-)You can indent menus to make them sub items of the item above. I find it easier doing this in the Dashboard->Appearance-> Menus rather than the customiser.

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