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Feedburner will stop providing e-mail subscriptions in July 2021

Many blogs offer visitor the opportunity to subscribe to updates via e-mail. Glow blogs do not have this facility but you can use third party services.

One of these is feedburner a google service.

NB. When visitors subscribe via feedburner and other services you do not have any control over their subscription. If they want to stop recieving these alerts they have to unsubscribe. There is usually a link to do that on each email.

Feedburner can only access public blogs this technique can only be used for public blogs.

First Get your URL

We need the web address (URL) of the blogs RSS feed. This is just the URL to the blogs home page with /feed/ after it.

Eg the blog:


has an RSS feed with the url:


You can also have an RSS feed for a particular tag or category on your blog, eg:


is the address for the news category.

It is best to copy the URL

screenshot copy url from address bar

Log on to feedburner.google.com

You will need a google accout to do this.

Screenshot Feedburner logged on page

Add the URL for your RSS feed

  1. Paste in the address to your blog and add /feed/ to it
  2. Click Next
Screenshot add feed to feedburner

Give Your Feed a Title

On this screen you can change the title of the feed or the feed address. You do not need to change anything.

Click Next

Screenshot title feed

Screen Shot 2The Feed is live

Click Next

Screenshot Feedburner, your feed is live

Stats Settings

Again you do not need to change the setting here.

Click Next

Screenshot feedburner stats

The Feed is set up

To add email subscriptions, click Publicize

Screenshot Feedburner: pointer to Publicize

Email Subscriptions

Click Email Subscriptions

Screenshot Feedburner: Email Subscription link

Activate Email Subscriptions

Screenshot Feedburner, Activate email subscription

Email subscriptions Activated

Email Subscriptions are activated, you can now copy the Subscription link code. Do not copy the Subscription Form Code.

Screenshot Feedburner, Activate email subscription success

Copy the Subscription Link Code

The form code will not work, you need the Subscription code.

Screenshot Feedburner, Activate email subscription link

On your Glow Blog site Create a Widget 1

  1. Go to your Glow Blog,
  2. Click the name of your blog on the Admin bar (only seen if you are logged in).
  3. Choose Widgets


Admin bar Add Widget menu item

Create a Widget 2

  1. Drag the Text Widget from the widget list onto the Sidebar or Widget area that you want the link to appear on.
  2. Give the Widget a Title
  3. Paste in the html code snippet
  4. Save
Screenshot edit Text Widget

Check your Site

Load your site and check that the link appears.

Screenshot, check widget appearance

Test The Link

Click the link

You should see the feedburner page that will allow visitors to subscribe to your site via email.

Screenshot Feedburner Subscribe page

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  1. Thanks. That was really helpful. It’s perhaps worth mentioning that you have to make sure your blog set to Public for this to work. If set as Private or Glow Users you will get error messages when trying to create the /feed/ URL

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