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Glow Blogs Updated 1 Feb 2024

  • Fixed an issue with Google Analytics, the ‘Sessions and Views in the last 30 days graph for last 30 days’ is now showing properly. There may still be a problem with very old blogs not being able to display the Analytics data.
  • Fixed upload of m4a audio files in block editor Audio Block.

Plugin updates include updated and small fixes for:

  • WP Accessibility
  • Google Translate
  • Syntax highlighter
  • Mega Menu
  • H5P
  • Youtube Embed Plus

In addition we should mention a new content type for H5P content was added last week. The Game Map:

Game Map: Quadrilaterals

Language packs

You can now set the language for the Dashboard for your blog.

Settings-> General

Scroll down to the Site Language choose a Language and save:

Screenshot site language setting

Here is what the new post page looks like in Gaelic or Gàidhig

Screenshot of New Post page in Gaelic or Gàidhig

And in Chinese:

Screenshot of new post page with language set to Chinese

Note not all parts of the interface have translations, for example the Jetpack plugin which includes the Contact form which you can see in the screenshots.


Scratch Embed

Glow Blogs now support the embedding of Scratch projects. Just paste in the URL to the project into a post or page.


gif of embedding scratch project in Glow Blog
gif of embedding scratch project in Glow Blog

WordPress update July 2016

The recent Glow Blogs release incorporated a new version of WordPress, this add features from both WordPress 4.4 and 4.5 to Glow blogs some of the highlights are listed below, taken from Version 4.4 « WordPress Codex and Version 4.5 « WordPress Codex

Features from 4.4

Responsive images:
WordPress now takes a smarter approach to displaying appropriate image sizes on any device, ensuring a perfect fit every time. You don’t need to do anything to your theme, it just works.

Embed your WordPress content:
Now you can embed your posts on other sites, even other WordPress sites. Simply drop a post URL into the editor and see an instant embed preview, complete with the title, excerpt, and featured image if you’ve set one. We’ll even include your site icon and links for comments and sharing.

For example I’ll paste in the url for a recent tip page from this site:

Follow Blogs from My Sites

  • New Theme – Twenty Sixteen
    Modern take on the classic blog design
    Flexible header and fun color schemes will make your content shine
    Mobile-first and responsive

Features from 4.5

Customizer Improvement
Device Previewer Buttons in the customizer controls footer shows how your site looks in mobile, tablet, and desktop contexts before making changes to its appearance. Theme installer previewer has the same function.

screenshot of mobile view in customiser

Visual Editor Improvement
Inline Link Editing enables users to direct URL input without switching to modal dialog.

gif of adding links in the visual editor

Version 4.5 adds new shortcuts in Visual Editor.

  • Use `your code` to transform my code
  • Use --- to transform <hr /> create a rule

Comment Refinement
Refreshed Moderate Comment Screen has formatted comment content for display, navigation via a text link, updated message styles and so on. The comment form now enforce the maximum length of each field.

Optimization of Image Generation
Image sizes are generated more efficiently and remove unneeded meta, while still including color profiles in Imagick, for reduced sizes of up to 50% with near identical visual quality.