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H5P in Glow Blogs – News

The First Annual H5P Academy Awards were just announced. The winners in the different categories:

  • Best Interactive Book (content type)
  • Best use of Course Presentation (content type)
  • Innovative Use of Multimedia (video, image and sound)
  • Outstanding Visual Design
  • Impactful Gamification

Although they are all from higher education they give a good idea of how H5P can be used at a sophisticated level.  The winners are linked from the announcement.

H5P updates

There has been a new version of Game Map and Drag the Words. You can read more on the March 2024 release note at h5p.org.

These updates are available in Glow Blogs now. You may need to update the modules concerned when you are creating H5P content:

Screenshot of the H5P create content screen showing that an update is available.

Click on the Details Button and then Update.

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