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Latest news about the Glow Blogs service, updates, issues, workarounds and fixes.

Creating a School Website Videos

Mr Feist, a Principal Teacher & Digital Leader of Learning in Mosspark Primary School in Glasgow, has produced a series of videos on creating a school website. The video are hosted on YouTube and displayed in Mr Feist’s Glow Blog:

Creating a School Website for FREE! | The Digital Revolution

You can Follow Mr Feist 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 (@mrfeistsclass) on Twitter.

Glow Blogs Clean Up

There are now well over 200000 blogs in Glow Blogs. Many have now fallen into disuse.

We are going to be removing some inactive blogs to help with the performance of those in use – this will include private blogs with no users and blogs with no updates for over 2 years. Further information will be issued in the next two weeks.

So if you have a blog you use, but it has not been updated for a couple of years it might be an idea to update it.

Twitter Widget on Glow Blogs Change

Twitter has changed their API and no longer allow you to embed a twitter search on a webpage.

This means the option to use a twitter search via a Widget ID in a blog widget will not work any more. The option to embed a profile will still work.

There may be some blogs that used the Widget ID to embed a profile as before a previous change  the Widget ID was the way to embed a profile too. These sites will need to be updated to use the profile option.

Glow Blogs Start of Session FAQ

A few quick tips that might help in a new session.

Forgotten username or password

Your RM Unify Admin, who may be in your establishment or Local Authority will be able to help.

I need to access a blog where I do not have a role. For example you have moved school.

An Admin of the blog should be able to add you.

No one in school can access a blog (perhaps staff have moved or retired)

You need to get your Local Authority to raise a call with theRM help desk.

Make sure you include the usernames you want added to a blog and the URL of the blog.

I can log on to Glow but I can’t access a blog where I have a role.

You need to get your Local Authority to raise a call with theRM help desk.

Make sure you include your username and the URL of the blog.

I can’t work out how to…

  1. Search the help blog
  2. Use the contact form to get personal help.
  3. Leave a comment on one of the pages if you think that is appropriate.
  4. Chek the Yammer Group Yammer : Glow Blogs – Community Support Group
  5. email

Featured image HELP | Alan Levine | Flickr  Some rights reserved

Glow Blogs Maintenance Thursday 26th July

There is planned maintenance due to take place on Glow Blogs at 8am on Thursday 26th July. This is likely to take around 4 hours during which time Blogs may not be available.

Unfortunately this has to be done during working hours due to the type of work being done.

Glow Blogs Summer News

In November we ask Glow folk for Glow Blogs suggestions for the next release of Glow Blogs. These are listed on the side bar of the suggestions page.

At that time we expected the release to be over Summer 2018. It had been decided to move this back to winter. The next major version of WordPress will include a radically different editor: Gutenberg.

Gutenberg looks like fulfilling a lot of the suggestions, but it is a big change. It will need a great deal of testing for us to understand how it will fit in with existing Glow Blogs functionality.

If you are interested in taking Gutenberg for a test drive you can do so on frontenberg. This site gives you a way to test the editor without having an account.

You can find out more about Gutenberg.

We will update the blog with any news about Gutenberg and other new features over the coming months.

Glow Blogs Update

Glow Blogs had a small update this week:

WordPress – 4.9.2 > 4.9.4
event-organiser plugin – 3.6.2 > 3.6.3
google-language-translator plugin – 5.0.33 > 5.0.43
wordpress-importer plugin  – 0.6.3 > 0.6.4

These were small maintenance and bug fixes. They should not affect the majority of Glow users.

Glow Blogs Update WordPress 4.9.1

We will be having and update of Glow Blogs this afternoon/evening.

Work will start at 16:00 and service will be restored as soon as possible thereafter.

Here is an overview of the update, we will be posting details of any changes to the help ASAP.

Name Current Version Update Version
WordPress 4.8.3 4.9.1
Event-organiser 3.4.1 3.6.0
Wp-postratings 1.84.1 1.85
twentyfifteen 1.8 1.9
twentyfourteen 2 2.1
twentyseventeen 1.3 1.4
twentysixteen 1.3 1.4
twentythirteen 2.2 2.3
twentytwelve 2.4 2.4

Help Pages related to this release:

Gallery Widget


Glow Blogs suggestions

The Glow Blogs team are looking for your ideas to improve and update Glow Blogs. The next release for Glow Blogs is planned for Summer 2018 so we would like to hear from users now to give us enough time to develop the new or updated features.

You can read more and add your ideas on the suggestions page.

Featured images using an icon created by Cristiano Zoucas from Noun Project.

Glow Blogs & Report a Concern – Connectivity Issues Work Completed.

Update 6 October 2017.

Monitoring – Essential Maintenance was performed to the Blogs Service last night in an effort to resolve the performance issues. The service has stablised at present. We will continue to monitor closely.

We are still having some problems, check Glow Scotland Status for details:

Investigating – Unfortunately, efforts to implement a fix have not been as effective as hoped. We continue to experience intermittent performance issues with Glow Blogs and Report a Concern.

from: Glow Scotland Status