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After adding the users through entering their usernames they all show as PENDING.How do I move these pupils from PENDING to being live users of the Blog?

When the users have logged onto glow and the blog their account on the blogs service will be created and they will no longer be pending.
We do not pre-provision accounts on the system.

We have had several report that accounts that are pending that turn out to be caused by using a glow email address rather than a username.

Adding a user needs to be by username, with or without @glow at the end. Using a Glow email will not work.

2 thoughts on “Users Pending”

  1. I have tried this, but it still has child set at PENDING. All I want at this time is to allow children to POST on my blog. Not comment. POST.

    1. If a user has been added to a blog, showing as pending, and cannot log onto the blog it may be that there is a problem with their account. To solve this you need to log a call with the RM help desk through your local authority.

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