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Glow Blogs Update: More Blocks & More

Glow Blogs has undergone an update, including fixes for various issues and notable improvements.


  • List blocks now function as expected; a new item is generated when the return key is pressed.
  • Buttons Blocks also work correctly, creating a new button upon pressing the return key.
  • Bulk adding users in “Add Users” and “Add Curriculum Groups” now functions properly. Please note that it requires pupil and teacher information to be present in SEEMiS and sent to Glow via Click and Go.


Still to fix

  • The Bulk Create Blogs feature is currently not operational but is expected to be resolved in October.
  • Forms created with the Block Editor are currently experiencing issues and are under investigation. However, the Jetpack Contact form can still be used in the classic editor for posts and pages, and it continues to function as usual.

2 thoughts on “Glow Blogs Update: More Blocks & More”

  1. Apologies for using the wrong reporting stream, but I am repeatedly getting a “critical error” when using the the reporting Form on the Support pages. I am trying to report a problem with my Glow blog images.

    1. Hi
      The recent update to Blogs (commencing 16 Oct 23) resulted in some images not appearing – this was both large and thumbnail images. The developers have been working on a solution and have so far resolved large images and are in the process of applying a patch to fix thumbnails. Hopefully this will be resolved and your site will look OK. We will push out communications when all updates have been completed and if your site still has image issues please raise a call and the site can then be looked at.

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