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RM Unify Tiles to link to blogs

Some people may want to add a tile to their, or their school, launch pad that goes directly to their blog and also logs them into glow. Or to direct teachers and pupils to a private or glow only blog.

Just using a link to the blog will end up with the users on the site but not logged in or in the case of a private or glow only blog ending up on a page that says log into glow.

You can avoid this by creating a special link for a title.

if you blog’s URL is:

The link to use would be:


The pattern being

http://blogs.glowscotland.org.uk/nl/johnjohnston/ the url to your blog


/nl/johnjohnston (slash, your LA code slash blog)

This will take users who click the tile to the front page of your blog in a logged in state (if it is a private blog they will need to have a role on the blog)

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