Video Player Tips

It is very simple to upload and embed Video in Glow Blogs, the Embedding Media Page give a an overview of the basics.

Here is a simple short movie uploaded and embedded, it is only 4 seconds long:

Video Details

After I have added the video to the post editor I can do other things to it.  I click once on the video and edit and delete buttons appear:


Click to see full sized screenshot.

This opens the Video Details Screen where there are several options:

Replace Video: Fairly obvious.

Select Poster Frame: This allows you to upload an image which will show when the video player is loaded.

For example I’ve uploaded this image:

And embed the video again using a poster:

Add Subtitles: should allow you to ad a subtitle track. I’ve not manage to find any documentation for that yet.

Add Alternative Sources

This lets you add videos in different formats that may play on different platforms. In general we recommend mp4, m4v files will playback well on most systems.


“metadata” – (“default”) only metadata should be loaded when the page loads
“none” – the video should not be loaded when the page loads
“auto” – the video should be loaded entirely when the page loads

Autoplay and Loop do what you would expect.

Both can be annoying for visitors, especially if the videos have sound.

Adjusting the size


If you would like the video to be displayed at a different size you need to edit in Text view.

In the post editor you will see tabs for Visual and Text. click text.


you will see a code view of your post.

Find the shortcode:

[video width="320" height="240" mp4=""]][[/video]

Edit the Width & and Height

[video width="640" height="480" mp4=""]][[/video]

Switch back to Visual, you will see the video is displayed at a larger size. NB this may make your video look a bit blocky.

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