Sorting Out Access Problems – Users Pending

We sometime hear about problems people have adding users to their blog. A user is added but can’t access the blog. This tip will give you some things to try to sort things out.

  1. Check the All Users screen.

look at the username, have you got the name spelt correctly.

Sometimes a user is marked as PENDING, this indicates that either the username is wrong or the user has never logged onto blogs.

In the above screenshot the user has been added by using an email. This will not work for Glow Blogs. you need to use either the username, eg gw16johnstonjohnhugh or the username with @glow gw16johnstonjohnhugh@glow

  1. Add the user using Add Users -> Add Curricular Groups screen. This allows you to filter for LA, then school and then Curricular Groups. There is a Teacher Curricular Group. This will ensure that the username is correct. More details on this help page: Adding Users, Setting Roles.

If a user has been added, the username looks correct and the user has tried to logon to the blog and failed there may be a problem you cannot deal with. You need to raise a call to the RM help desk via your Local Authority. If oyu have trouble with that please send a message using our Support form.

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