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Ice Age

The ice age arrived in the garden today at Cart Mill. In our icy world our budding dinosaur hunters investigated what had been frozen in the glaciers. Not deterred by the cold our intrepid
palaeontologists chipped away at the lumps of ice to reveal some very well preserved dinosaur skeletons!

Jack Frost came to Cart Mill!
There’s something frozen in our glacier
What can it be?
My ice is breaking.
If I hit it too hard I might break what is inside.
I can’t get the tail to come out!
Look what I found!
This might be a T-Rex.

Frosty Day’s

Today the children made the most of the frosty weather. They found large pieces of ice inside the tyres in the outdoor play area. Kit decided that it would be a good idea to paint the ice, he wondered what might happen.

The colours began to mix together as the ice melted, Lewis noticed that the paint was very swirly and it mixed with the water which made the colours change.

Some children decided to write their name in the frost. Kit shared that his finger was very cold.

The children also filled balloons with water on Monday; they then explored how the water had changed within the balloons. The children said that the balloons were squishy at the end of day on Monday but they were frozen solid this morning. The children opened the balloon. Noah commented; “the ice is very hard and cold.”

Georgia said “the frost is changing colour.”


Ice and Antartica


Over the last 2 mornings in the garden , the children have discovered ice on the ground and in puddles. They have been exploring how it looks and feels. Ice and snow provide excellent provocations for learning as the children are intrigued by how it forms and how it melts and how cold it feels next to their skin.

Experiences like this offer opportunities to explore many different lines of development. Stephanie and the children talked about how some people live in very cold countries and the children learned about Antartica.

As we have been using our firepit there was a lot of chat about how people keep warm in cold climates.





Snow Time

There was huge excitement in our centre today as the children arrived and planned to go out to play in the snow.

dsci0330 dsci0327Snowballs and snow angels.

dsci0329 dsci0328

Jillian and Zoe then took the children to the hill behind us for some sledging with trays and cardboard boxes – great fun!

dsci0359 dsci0349 dsci0340 dsci0336 dsci0338 dsci0335 dsci0334 dsci0333 dsci0343

Even Zoe got a shot!


The children found a large block of ice in the field and decided to investigate.

dsci0363 dsci0365 dsci0366