Rain Guage and Wind Anemometer!

Today the children made a rain catcher (gauge) and a wind spinner (anemometer). The children began by marking out the centimeters from the side of the spirit level.  The children took turns to mark  the lines and to write the numbers. The children placed the rain catcher in a pipe on the table. We will check the amount of rain we collect daily and record our findings on a chart.

We will also keep our eyes on our windspinner to see how fast the wind blows.



Elmer’s Adventures

Recently, the children have been enjoying exploring the  Elmer stories and today they created Elmer stories of their own.

This involved them telling their story to Clare and then she wrote it down for them.  They also drew the pictures and gave their story a title.

Emeli created the story ‘Elmer in the Jungle’.  This story is about a leopard who becomes Elmer’s friend.

Ben and Ayana linked their stories to rainbows after they saw rainbows in the sky on Friday.

Look out for our very own book of Elmer adventures which will soon be on the bookshelf in our story corner.

Messy Play!

The children have been very busy this week in the toddler room. The children  have enjoyed painting through using their hands and feet.

The children used different colours of paint and compared hand sizes with Jade! Rose said “Jade’s hand is bigger.”

The children worked as a team to decorate the old curtains and put their great art work up in our garden.As you can see it was so much fun!

The bear and the piano

The children have been enjoying the book “the Bear and the Piano. “The children have been busy performing like the bear in the story book. The other children have been their audience and have been praising their performance.

The children have been retelling the story with help from flash cards with visuals from key parts within the story. Some children decided to illustrate their stories too and created some lovely drawings.


Ice and Antartica


Over the last 2 mornings in the garden , the children have discovered ice on the ground and in puddles. They have been exploring how it looks and feels. Ice and snow provide excellent provocations for learning as the children are intrigued by how it forms and how it melts and how cold it feels next to their skin.

Experiences like this offer opportunities to explore many different lines of development. Stephanie and the children talked about how some people live in very cold countries and the children learned about Antartica.

As we have been using our firepit there was a lot of chat about how people keep warm in cold climates.





Number Line

Today the boys and girls were learning about number. They were exploring the numbers 0-10, talking about how the number 0 is the first number and how we can sometimes forget that one!

Using our bodies to move along the number line, we started at 0 and then jumped. The challenge was to see what number we could land on. some children can  jump to number 5! Some children started jumping and sliding to see if they could reach number 10 that way.

Bradley said “I had fun jumping to 4”.


Forest School Week 2

This week at Forest School, the children spent time on a rope swing we made together, and also spent more time climbing and balancing.

There was lots of problem solving skills as we worked out how to create our rope swing and where it was best positioned.

It is inspiring to watch the children challenge themselves in the woodland. Often,  for some children, climbing a tree can present a challenge. As adults we never lift the children up or down from a tree. If a child tries many different ways to climb up and then works out how to climb down by themselves , then they will have risk assessed the situation by themselves, on the way up and down and will know what they need to do to be safe.

Nathan described to his friend how he got up : “you put one foot up, then bring the other foot up then pull yourself up”

Jade spent some time balancing along a long log, she slipped off many times, but achieved her goal in the end with determination and motivation. She also climbed a tree, look at the sense of achievement in her picture.


Button’s Big Adventure

Lizzie Finnigan, a local author and a parent here at Cart Mill Family Centre visited us today to share her new book ‘Button’s Big Adventure’..

The interactive story telling session was enjoyed by all staff, children and other visiting parents.

Lizzie talked to the children about the front cover and the pictures inside the book. The children very quickly were able to share what they thought the story would be about. Ash said the story was about a little button that went on a big adventure.

The story is filled with word patterns and the children really enjoyed joining in and repeating the pattern.

“I went twirling and whirling up and down and round before I was found…”

The children recalled some of the story and Lewis remembered the kite and the girl with the daffodil coat. The children enjoyed the discussion about their favourite parts in the book; most children chose the mermaid. To finish off Lizzie demonstrated a dance to go with the repeated pattern of words in the story.  The children copied the dance while listening to the story.

The children then chose a yellow button to add to the picture of their favourite part that they got to decorate.



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