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Our very own Farm at Cart Mill!!!

Today at Cart Mill the children were super excited to create their own farm outdoors. First they collected the resources for the farm and then  they talked about all the animals they saw when they visited the farm during the holidays. One child was quite excited about the cow as he told his friends that he knows how to milk the cow. We also talked about what different animals like to eat and where they like to live. This conversation led to children talking about their favourite food and where they live. Some children shared their experience of feeding animals on the farm.

“That’s the pathway for cow”



As part of our Book Week Scotland scientist theme the boys and girls were curious to find out just how do our noses work?

First of all we typed our question into google: How do our noses work?
We then watched a video which explained how our noses work. why we have hairs on our noses, and why we have bogies!
We learned that the hairs in our nose trap all the germs and stop them coming into our bodies! We also learned that all the germs come out of the trapped hairs when we blow our noses.

The children then decided they would like to make their own bogies to play with. Yuck!

We mixed hot water, gelatine. green food colouring and liquid glucose together to make the bogies.
It was very sticky so we had to mix really hard!

The children had great fun playing with the sticky, messy bogies!

Finally we explored our favourite good and bad smells.