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World Down’s Syndrome Day 2018

We had a lovely time today celebrating World Down’s Syndrome Day wearing our odd socks.The children took part in learning experiences which all involved socks in some way!

It was good to welcome families to our coffee morning, where home baking was in abundance and was delicious.

Down’s Syndrome Scotland is the only Scottish charity focused solely on the needs of people with Down’s Syndrome and their families all the way through life. It is important to us in our centre, that all children, whether they are a child with Down’s Syndrome or other disablities are given opportunities to participate, and immerse themselves in a shared, enabling environment of friendship, acceptance and respect for everyone .

Thank you to all who took part and made a donation today. We will let you know the total amount raised soon.

The children came dressed in odd socks as this was the theme of the day.  It reinforced the image of the chromosomes as they look just like our socks.

Special thanks to all who sent in home baking, it was much appreciated.

We were sorting socks and measuring them too.

We have been talking today about how we are different but the same as we celebrated World Down’s Syndrome Day 2018.

The day can be summed up beautifully by the late Stephen Hawkings.


Now.. watch this video and prepare to be inspired….

The bear and the piano

The children have been enjoying the book “the Bear and the Piano. “The children have been busy performing like the bear in the story book. The other children have been their audience and have been praising their performance.

The children have been retelling the story with help from flash cards with visuals from key parts within the story. Some children decided to illustrate their stories too and created some lovely drawings.


Welcoming friends old and new..

It is a busy time at Cart Mill Family Centre as we welcome new friends and welcome back our children who are returning after the summer.. Some children can find it  a little bit upsetting leaving their parent/carer at the beginning of a session, then we usually find at the end of their session they don’t want to leave us to go home!

It is very important to us that all of our children, whether returning children or new,  feel safe and secure with us.Thank you to all parents/carers for your patience and for working in partnership with us to make this happen.

Friendship Tree

The children while speaking with Jo decided to create a beautiful friendship tree. The children used paints and brushes to paint their hands and then make a print on the paper.

Grace said that the tree was beautiful and she liked all the colours, especially red because her handprint was red.

Georgia talked about how the paint tickles her hands and Jacob shares that the paint felt soft.

Georgia wrote “friendship tree” so that everyone knew what the painting was about.


World of music

This week the children have been exploring the music and dance from all around the world. They are beginning to understand that music is important to people and that different countries enjoy different sounds.

They used the drama resources to dress up in green when dancing was on the big screen and practiced some dance moves. Mhairi and Orla talked about the different clothes the dancers wore, and the different musical sounds. Orla mentioned that she could hear fiddles in the Irish music, and Mhairi shared that Scottish music has the sound of bagpipes.

Kaile, Lily and Amber practiced their Spanish flamenco dancing. They liked to stamp their feet and clap their hands really fast.

We also listened to Spanish music and the children made pictures of Spanish guitars. It was fun when the paintbrush tickled the children’s feet.




Music and dance

The children have been exploring music, dance and movement. They looked at clips on the large screen of the many different types of dance.  Florence, Orla and her friends really liked the idea of the “Maypole” and asked for some help to make one.

The children enjoyed dancing and skipping and wrapping the ribbons around the pole.

Others decided to make music and sing their favourite nursery songs.

The jars with various levels of colorful water in them made lovely sounds. Olivia liked the bottle with just a little water because it made a tinkle sound.

We had great fun exploring lots of different ways to express ourselves through the arts.

Musical Inspirations

Today the children had the opportunity to explore their fine motor skills and to practice their writing too. They used the instruments to make a variety of soundsand then copied the names of the musical instruments.  It was quite tricky.

Others decided to explore the sounds made by the interesting collection of musical instruments we have.   They went on to sing their favourite songs playing the tune on the instruments.

Grace decided that she wanted to make some ribbons and dance along to her favourite musical sounds.

Good luck Shona X

Today was a day of celebrations and sadness.

Shona our wonderful Senior Clerical Officer has left us to go on to a new post at Eastwood High School as Office Manager.

Today the children sang some songs and gave her a beautiful card. We will miss her greatly.

We also birthday girl today, “Amelia” celebrated her 5th birthday. The children shared the lovely birthday cake and sang “Happy Birthday”

Later the children made some chocolate treats with marshmallows and sprinkles. Yummy!!

Snow Play

Today the snow arrived yipee!!

The children were keen to go outdoors and explore the freezing white flakes of snow. There were different sized footprints and prints with different patterns. The snow began to melt when the footprints were made.

Some children made snowballs and then had the idea to make a snowman. They worked together to make a very handsome Cart Mill snowman.  Others made snow soup in the snow kitchen.

Mhairi decided to write her name in the snow…great fun!