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Spooky Experiments in the Garden

The children were wondering what they could do with the leftover pumpkins. We always encourage reusing and recycling in the centre so thought that they would make the perfect witches cauldron. The boys and girls added paint and vinegar and mixed it together to make lots of lovely colours and then they added the secret ingredient (bicarbonate of soda). They squealed with delight as the pumpkin erupted. The children enjoyed their scientific experiment so much that they ……

Mix our potion in the pot
Add some secret ingredients…
say the magic words…
wave the wand…
and watch the pumpkin erupt!

they even suggested trying the same experiment on a larger scale so watch this space…

Outdoor Hallowe’en Fun

The children continued with their potion making outside in the garden. They made jelly with some hidden delights! The children also used pumpkins as shape sorters, everyone commented on how the pumpkin felt gooey inside. They enjoyed mixing the different pumpkins to make new shapes and they even added a few spiders to make an extra spooky display!

This jelly is all sticky!
I found a spider!
I can build my own pumpkin.
Look at all the seeds.
This looks like a water melon!
I am making a new pumpkin.

Halloween is coming…

The children have been participating in lots of fun experiences today inspired by Halloween.

These are ghost pictures created using paint and a pear.  Spooky!

The children also drew images related to the character they were dressed up as today – pumpkin, Belle, witch, to name but a few.

Others were busy making broomsticks for the witches to fly around on.

More fun tomorrow!  And remember it’s dressing up all week if you want to.

Halloween is coming

The children were being very creative with the seasonal fruit. They spent lots of time carving their pumpkin and scooping out the middle…think we will make soup with that…

Inaya was very happy when she managed to scoop out all the seeds from inside with the special tools that we have at the family centre.

Once all the pumpkins were carved, some children decided to paint a beautiful picture of their creation.













A Spooky start to the week and lots of excitement!


Welcome back to all our families and children who were not with us during the October school holiday week.  You may have noticed how busy we have been while you were away! We have packed lots of boxes and some of the children who returned today were a bit confused at the changes we have made to the playrooms as we prepare to move. It was interesting to see how quickly they adapted and became engaged in the experiences on offer which speaks volumes about how settled they are with us.  The children are very excited about their “new nursery”. Scott wanted to know if Anita and Siobhan are coming with us. Connor said ” we have to make sure we take all our toys!”

Of course we made time for some pumpkin carving.  These are a work in progress. Pictures to follow tomorrow.