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Cart Mill’s Creepy Cabin

The children have had great fun this week working together to create a spooktacular creepy cabin.

We started on Tuesday by making spiders using pine cones and pipe cleaners. The children used their fine motor skills to cut the pipe cleaners and also to slot them into the pine cones, great work guys!

On Wednesday the boys and girls designed their own spooky pumpkin face using a variety of 2D shapes. The final result looks fantastic and very spooky!

Thursday involved making leaf ghosts. The children had fun painting the leaves and chatting about whether they were making happy, angry or scary ghosts.

Today we made witches hats and draw a variety of Halloween images on the points of them.

And here is Cart Mill’s Creepy Cabin! A collaboration of many fantastic pieces of work. Our spooky pumpkin in the corner, spiders, ghosts and witches hats hanging all around and even some broomsticks in the corner.
Absolutely fantastic work from all the boys and girls, well done!

Pumpkin Seeds

Today we reminded ourselves of our story. Pumpkin Jack. It was time to open our pumpkin and see what was inside ?.  “Its seeds”

The children enjoyed scooping the seeds out the pumpkins. They had great conversations about how slippy and slimy the whole process was. We gathered lots of seeds to make pictures.

The children were very create designing their own styles of pictures. We all picked our own paper, glue, pens and pencils . Using these resources helps the children develop their fine motor skills. “ I am making a big pumpkin “ and “ mine will have lots of seeds inside it”. We have some lovely pictures to take home , we hope you enjoy them as much as we did creating them.


Can you make a spooky pumpkin?

We have been learning about shapes in nursery and put this learning to use today to make a spooky pumpkin. We started by painting a pumpkin using chalk paint then discussed what shapes we could use to make a spooky face.

How it started….

“He needs a long nose.”

“We can use different shapes for each eye.”

“I used a circle and a triangle.”

“I’m making a monster pumpkin.”

…the finished article.

The children decided to make one eye a circle and one a rectangle then also drew a triangle inside the rectangle to make it even spookier! They made a zig zag mouth using triangles and also gave the pumpkin some curly hair. What a brilliantly spooky pumpkin, great team work everyone!

Pumpkin Soup!

In the garden , the children have been discussing Halloween and have been intrigued by pumpkins especially!

After we discussed what we could do with pumpkins we had a great idea of making pumpkin soup!

We collected lots of different ingredients we wanted to add to our yummy soup!


we even added some red food colouring to give it a nice colour!

Once the soup was made we sat down together and ate it all up… yum yum!!

Halloween Sensory Play

Today the children used pipettes to draw up coloured ink and then dropped it onto the paper. They then used a straw to blow patterns. The children noticed the colours changing as the inks merged. They also noticed that the ink behaved differently on different materials eg “ It’s more watery on the tin foil” “ It doesn’t make patterns on the bubble wrap”

The children talked about the colours they were using and which was their favourite they were able to work together and showed great turn taking skills waiting for their turn of the pipettes.

In preparation for Halloween the children asked for something slimy and gooey to explore. The children decided that jelly would be best. The toddlers helped to make the jelly on Thursday  evening, they measured and stirred following my instructions closely. The children then  hid some natural autumnal items and some not so natural inspired by Halloween in the jelly.

The children used all five senses to explore the jelly. Some used tweezers to take the objects out of the jelly developing their fine motor skills, others dived straight in with their hands.  The children used lots of descriptive language. “”So sticky and cold””Jelly is delicious “ I’ve got an orange jelly” “I see a pumpkin “”This one has a pine cone in it” “This jelly feels good it’s wobbly and wet” “A bug it’s hard and black” “let’s see how many flowers we can get out”” I see three spiders they are tiny”.






Bubbling Witches Brew

This morning in the Discovery room there was a spooky Halloween science experiment going on. The children had all expressed an interest in concocting a witches brew so we all put on our witches hats and got to work.

The learning experience behind this fun activity was to introduce the children to weighing and measuring as well as continue our learning of colours and numbers. The children had to weigh out their ingredients and listen and follow verbal instructions.

The children’s fine motor skills were tested whilst using tea spoons and pipettes to get very small quantities of ingredients for their brew.

Lots of fun was had watching the children’s reactions when the chemicals came together and caused a bubbling sensation of colourful foam.

Why not try making Witches brews or potions at home with your little wizard or witch.

Pumpkin 🎃 Fun

The children are very excited as it’s nearly Halloween 👻. Today we listened to a story about Pumpkin Jack, a boy who had a Halloween pumpkin. After Halloween he put the pumpkin in the garden and over time the pumpkin began to rot away into the ground. The following year he watched a stalk grow from the ground and the leaves got bigger and bigger and a new pumpkin grew and was ready to use again for another Halloween.

The children had a look at our own pumpkins. We had different sizes, shapes and colours. We discussed how some were heavier than others, the smaller ones were bumpy and rough and the bigger ones were smooth and soft. The pumpkins felt cold and smelled like “pumpkins and witches“.

The children then designed their own pumpkin pictures This helped develop their creativity and fine motor skills using our art resources. They were able to choose their own art materials to create great pumpkin pictures. Well done.

Next week we are going to open the pumpkins and look inside!!!!. What do you think we will discover?

Pumpkin Playdough!

Today, the boys and girls have been discussing Halloween and the things associated with it.
We had a look at some pumpkins online and some we had at Cart Mill. We discussed the different shapes and colours.

After discussing the pumpkins, the children decided they wanted to make their own pumpkins,  so we thought we would make some orange pumpkin playdough!

We even added in some cinnamon!

Once the playdough was made, it was time to create our own pumpkins…

Spooky Halloween crafts in the toddlers 🎃

In the toddler room we have been feeling very spooky! We have been exploring different materials to create different pieces of arts and crafts..

Exploring the spider web to discover what lies beneath. Using pincers to develop our fine motor skills and hand eye coordination.

The children have been discovering what marks we can make in our play dough using spooky collage materials

Ghostly glueing. Exploring glue and developing hand eye coordination and using our fine motor skills.

Spooky spiders using play dough great for developing fine motor skills and enhancing hand eye coordination.