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The floor is lava

Today the children played  “The floor is lava” but with a twist…

They worked together to collect different materials including:

  • Paper/card
  • lollipop sticks
  • twigs
  • Small figures
  • building blocks
  • Cars
  • Bowls

They then used the materials to design and build a stable structure together that was suitable to save the little figures and cars from the lava without it falling over.

“It needs to be up high, what can we use?”

”we can use the blocks to get it high”

The children came up with a variety of ways to save the cars and people from the lava while developing their listening and teamwork skills.

They used their problem solving skills to organise the different shaped blocks by size so that the figure didn’t fall over.

”The big ones need to go to the bottom because they will fall if they are at the top, they won’t balance”

“The bowl can go under in case he falls”

The children had so much fun making a safe structure for the cars and people using materials around the nursery. Why don’t you try creating your own at home.

Local Landmarks

Today in the discovery room we looked at some different landmarks in and around Glasgow. We used the tablet, lap top and promethean board to search and look at popular landmarks we may have visited.

We demonstrated good listening when we sat together and discussed what we knew about the places we looked at. We were able to share stories of places we had visited with our families. Two of the most recognisable were the Clyde Arc which a few children recognised as the Squinty Bridge and one child shared with the group his own name for it – ‘The Scotland Bridge’. The other one being Kelvingrove Art Museum -“that is where you see a big dinosaur, but it only has bones”.

We took our findings and landmarks to our block area where we showed great team work when we re-created Kelvin Grove Art Museum using a variety of blocks of different shapes and sizes.

The children were extremely creative with their design and creation of the Cart Mill Kelvingrove! Perhaps they can display some of their own works of art in it!

Busy Builders

All go this morning in the construction corner but safety first! We ensured we had our high viz jackets and goggles on and most importantly our checklist. We had a discussion on why we wear protective clothing and complete checklists to ensure our safety for ourselves and others around us…

The children took time to design what they would like to build using clipboards, paper, rulers and pens. Then we got to work, we looked around at different blocks shapes and sizes.

The children built their own creations from the variety of resources on offer to them and then worked together as a group expanding their ideas to create a big castle using their imagination. During this time the children were using mathematical language such as taller, smaller, long and short,  The children demonstrated good communication skills when sharing ideas. They also shared equipment and worked together, passing blocks to each other.

Team work makes the dream work

Today the children have been developing their team working skills during a variety of different experiences.

We played ‘Feed the Teddy’ on the Promethean Board and worked together as a team to count up to 5 cakes to feed the teddy.

“That’s number 5 like my fingers, I have 5 fingers”

“Teddy is eating 5 cakes”

Next some of the children worked on a new painting technique, they had lots of fun mixing different colours in the shaving foam, and printing it on to the paper. The children made their own individual pieces and also worked together making larger prints.

“hold this side, I’ll get that one”

“1,2,3 down”

Finally some of the children were working together to build a garage for the cars. They built ramps for the cars to go up and down, and roads for the cars to drive on.

“Can you put that long plank up there so the cars can drive down”

“I put this one up here to stop the ramp falling”

Children develop very important life skills when working as part of a team such as problem solving, leadership and communication skills which they will need as they grow into adults.

Kung Hey Fat Choi

Today at Cart Mil we have been celebrating Lunar New Year 2022 by participating in various activities both indoors and outdoors! 2022 is the year of the tiger. We discussed the features of a tiger then decided to look for stripes while out for a walk. Look at all the stripes we found….

We also enjoyed having a race through the woods and a play in the spider park on the way back to nursery.

For snack today we sampled different foods that might be eaten during Lunar New Year celebrations.

We enjoyed tasting noodles, rice and lychees!

In the Home room we decided to make our own fortune cookies which were delicious!

We decided to make our playdough the same colours as a tiger and had lots of fun creating our own Lunar New Year tigers!

In the Discovery room we used our interactive board to research  the history of Lunar New Year.

We used our creativity and imagination in the Studio today to make celebration ribbons and streamers. We then used them to recreate our own Lunar New Year celebration dance.

We have had so much fun celebrating and learning the history of Lunar New Year.

Kung Hey Fat Choi!



Playdough Creations

Today the children explored with the playdough exercising their fine motor skills and developing their hand and eye co-ordination making  their own creations.  They had very good concentration skills.

The children had a variety of resources to choose from to create and develop their skills.

Our favourite today  was using the spaghetti and threading the different coloured beads

The children then began to compare their creations using mathematical language , tall, small, big, long and short to describe each others’.

“I have lots of small ones”

Chrome books

The children have been learning about different types of technology recently so we thought it would be a good idea to introduce Chromebooks. First of all we spoke about staying safe online and always have an adult with you when you are searching for information.

We then discussed what they know about chrome books and also what we would use them for.

“It’s like a tablet and a computer”

” we use them to watch videos and play games”

”that looks like my tablet at home”

We spoke about what we would like to use the Chrome books for and decided that we would like to find out some more information about our favourite animals..

Cats and parrots were the most popular 🐱 🦜 so we went online to see what we could find out.

We used the keyboard to search for information, recognising some of the letters in our names as we typed.

We found out lots of information about parrots
“there are lots of different colours of parrot and some even talk”
Then we looked for information about cats
“boy cats are called tom”

We found out lots of new information about our favourite animals which we saved. We can’t wait to show our friends what we found out and how to use the chrome books.

Volcano o’clock

Some of the children in the home room today were asking questions about the “volcano on the TV” which has sadly been on the news. We talked about what a volcano is and what happens when it erupts! We decided to experiment and make  our very own exploding volcano using a mixture of household objects to see what would happen!! We used clay, vinegar and bicarbonate of Soda with a water bottle. Ready… steady… blast off!! “The flames are very red like on the TV!” We also used a range of media such as  the iPad to research different volcanos from all around the world and see what the flames looked like. Maybe the children could look for some books at home about volcanos? Or other natural disasters? It could make for some interesting discussions! Let us know what you find. Good luck everyone 🙂

How did you get to nursery?

It is Hands Up Scotland Survey (HUSS) week this week and yesterday the children helped to gather information on how their friends travel to nursery. The survey shows different ways in which children across Scotland travel to school and nursery.

Last year 2,879 schools and nurseries in Scotland got involved in the survey.

The children asked everybody how they travelled to nursery that morning,

“How did you travel to nursery this morning? did you walk or drive?”

” I come in the car”

They then wrote down their findings and counted up how many travelled by car, bus, on foot etc.


Finally we submitted our findings online through the HUSS form. We found that most children travelled to the nursery by car.

The children were very confident in taking part as they felt they had a very important job to complete.

Toddlers explore outdoors

With the success of our sports day the children have asked to go back out into the large open space beside the nursery. We have been exploring the world around them whilst experiencing new smells,  sounds and textures. We have been discovering how we can use our bodies learning how fast we can run and practising our balancing skills running up and down hills.
We have also enjoyed some new walks around the local area. We first discussed some road safety and listening ears before we left the nursery. The children were very excited to discover a river near the nursery we watched the water move over the rocks and listened to the sound it makes.

We have also had several visits to the swing park which is always great fun. The children are always excited to try out their physical skills and are making great progress with their balancing and climbing skills. They also encourage each other which helps develop their social skills and of course friendships.