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Chinese New Year

The children in the toddler room have enjoyed learning about Chinese New Year and Chinese culture. They had sensory fun trying to find number cards hidden in the coloured noodles. The cards had pictures of pigs on them as 2019 is the year of the pig! The children also had sticky fun making their own coloured Chinese dragons. At snack time they sampled some traditional Chinese food and explored this with chopsticks. Everyone joined in and had a taste. The prawn crackers were a definite favourite!! Yummy!!










Happy Chinese New Year!

Today at Cart Mill we have been learning about Chinese culture and traditions as tomorrow is Chinese new year! 2019 is the year of ‘The Pig’ and the children have been making red envelopes or ‘Hongbao’; a Chinese tradition where money is given to children as new year gifts.

This gave the children a great chance to practise their mark making and folding techniques and build their fine motor skills.

“I have to fold it like a triangle. “

“Mine is going to have chocolate coins in it.”

“I want to give mine to my mummy.”

“I’m going to write my name on mine.”

“I want to put pennies in it.”

Happy Chinese New Year!

Developing Friendships



A very important part of early learning and child care is about getting to know each other and share space together. In planning the learning environment as practitioners, we consider this and we ensure there are quiet spaces for chatting and reflection, as well as larger group interactive experiences on offer. Children begin to develop and form relationships with each other and with familiar adults.  It is lovely to see friendships begin and grow, and having these connections with other children helps build a child’s confidence and self esteem.






Another look at Theorists

For those of you who follow us on Twitter, yesterday,  you would have seen some of the children fully engaged in water play, and also read some of the words of Frederich Froebel.

Please take a little time to view the Sway below which gives a brief summary of another of our preferred theorists at Cart Mill – Reggio Emilia.

Please leave us a comment with your thoughts and let us know if you would like some further information on theorists.

Baking and routines of the day

Today in the house corner the children have been talking about different daily routines, Marika said “first I need to get all of this together what I need” “I put it all in a bowl and then mix it, it goes in the oven for 3 minutes. Jade said “when I get up in the morning I have breakfast first” Bradley said “after dinner time we go to bed”. The children have also been very busy baking this week- biscuit stars.

Our house corner dishes have a strange habit of disappearing or breaking meaning we don’t very often have a full set of dishes. If anyone has an old tea set or dinner set please feel free to donate to Cart Mill !

Ice and Antartica


Over the last 2 mornings in the garden , the children have discovered ice on the ground and in puddles. They have been exploring how it looks and feels. Ice and snow provide excellent provocations for learning as the children are intrigued by how it forms and how it melts and how cold it feels next to their skin.

Experiences like this offer opportunities to explore many different lines of development. Stephanie and the children talked about how some people live in very cold countries and the children learned about Antartica.

As we have been using our firepit there was a lot of chat about how people keep warm in cold climates.