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Nature Photoframes

Hi boys and girls. Hope you’re all well and having lots of fun!

I’ve been keeping myself busy by spending lots of time outdoors and going for lots of lovely walks.  I’ve been busy in my garden and I have been growing lots of pretty flowers in all different colours.
I decided I would take some photographs of my flowers to cheer me up on rainy days! I made my own Nature photo frame to make my photos extra special. I thought I would show you how to make one of your own too. They’re easy to make and I had so much fun making mine.

To make your photo frame you will need:

Scissors (please ask an adult to help you)

Cardboard – you could use a cereal box

Coloured pens

You can draw any shape you like onto your cardboard.  I decided to draw a love heart.

Next I used scissors to cut out my love heart.  This was very tricky so please ask an adult to help you.

Now for the fun part! I used lots of different coloured pens to decorate my frame. I decided to draw lots of flowers using all my favourite colours. You can draw whatever you want to make yours look extra special!

And now finally for the best part of all. Time to take some photographs! I took some photos of the pretty flowers in my garden to show you. I love watching the clouds floating in the sky, so I thought I would take a photo of that too. I had to get my son to help me as my arms were too short to take the photo!

I had lots of fun making my frame and taking some photographs to show you. I’m going to send them to my family so that they can see them too. I’m going to take my frame out on my next walk to see if I can take photos of some of the animals I see in the fields near my house.

Have lots of fun making your frame and maybe you could ask an adult at home to take some photos for you!

Missing you all boys and girls and hope to see you soon. Take care. Love Fiona xx

Emotions are good for us!

Hi everyone, Sami here! Hope everyone is well and safe 🙂

I know everyone is probably feeling very heightened emotions right now, and that’s okay. Some days are great, some days are just fine and some days are harder than others. So I thought it might be fun to talk about these feelings. When the children in nursery are feeling like that I like to do a fun wee emotions activity. It can be as serious or as silly as you want! Let’s face it, the sillier the better! Some of the emotions we may be feeling are happy! Let’s acknowledge those days 🙂 Some days we may be feeling sad, or scared or even angry. We should acknowledge these days too. Let’s all try it? Look in the mirror and see how you are feeling. Maybe we could even make an emotions journal?

Most importantly, be proud of yourselves for getting through every day! I honestly can’t wait until we are all reunited and can be our wee nursery family once again. Until that day comes, look after yourselves and stay safe! Sami 🙂 x

Let’s Play!

Hi everyone, hope you are all doing well.

Let’s create and design our very own games to keep us all busy. I’ve made 3 games to share with you. It’s very easy to do and all made from recycled materials I had at home. Each game can be adapted to suit the age, stage and interests of your child. I’m no artist so if I can do it, anyone can.

These are all the recycled materials I needed and used to make all of my games.

The first game is Snap or Memory Pairs.

I used the Easter egg box to cut and make equal sized rectangle cards. On each card I designed a shape or number, making sure to make two cards the same. You can choose what to create on each of your cards. It could be colours, numbers, shapes or designs. Using these cards you can play snap. Who can find the most matches? Or you could turn the cards over and take it in turns to turn two cards over at a time and see if you can find the matching card.

Matching egg patterns

I used the same box to make some egg shapes, and drew patterns on each one. I cut out the egg shape along the crack and mixed up all the patterns. Can you find the matching half and put the egg back together? Create and design your eggs with any pattern you want.

Feed the hungry shark number game.

For the last game I used the cereal box to make the hungry shark, cutting out a hole in the middle for his mouth. I also made fish shapes and added numbers and dots to each one. Roll the dice, whatever number it lands on is the fish the hungry shark wants to eat. Find the fish with the matching number and post it through his mouth. Don’t have a dice? Use the remainder of the the cardboard to cut out 6 rectangles and stick them together to form a box. This also lets you create a different spin to the game by adding whatever you can create, on to the dice or fish, words, letters, colours etc. I also folded the bottom of the shark to make a flap that I stuck to the table with sticky tape to keep the shark standing up.

Playing games with your child is a fun way to Learn through play teaching them skills such as turn taking, following rules, shape, number and pattern recognition, sorting and matching skills, developing scissor and pencil control. Creating and designing and many more. By using recycled materials you are also teaching your child about recycling and becoming eco friendly by re-using objects.

Hope you all enjoy being creative and designing your very own games to share with the family. Please remember to let us see what games you make via our Twitter page @cartmillcentre

Emma x

Snow and Ice

As the toddlers arrived today they let their friends know that it had snowed again. The toddlers were excited to make their own snow. We measured out some cornflour and conditioner and mixed it together. The toddlers then found some animals that live in the snow and ice , penguins and seals. The toddlers made icebergs for the animals to rest on when they were not in the water and snow. The toddlers discovered that they could see the penguins footprints in the snow and some seals hid under the water.

Exploration of mark making

The toddlers had a great learning experience exploring and creating amazing patterns and prints from everyday objects.

The children explored a variety of mark making tools to express themselves.

We used large tubes to create circle prints, duplo blocks to make fantastic dotty patterns and the scourers to make clouds.

Some of the toddlers enjoyed the sensation of the paint covering their hands and arms.

We all loved the “gigantic art” experience!

Music and movement fun!

This morning the toddlers were enjoying singing and playing the musical instruments. The children were learning to follow simple instructions such as play them quietly and really loud, fast and slow and to stop.


We are learning to repeat rhymes and songs and have fun with musical instruments.

The children enjoyed participating in action songs and moving to Ring a ring a roses and Here we go round the mulberry bush.

We are learning to move our bodies, gain control of co-ordination and mobility of movement but most of all we are having lots of fun!

Dress Maker at Work

The child’s idea when she saw the sheets of coloured felt was to “make a rainbow dress” and that is just what she did. It took her most of the day to sew all the felt pieces together. Here she is in deep concentration sewing two pieces of felt together.

Sewing rainbow dress

The delight is clear to see when she tries on the rainbow dress she made.

This is a beautiful example of what Maria Montessori meant when she said “Play is the work of the child”.