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Water Play with Tubes

Today in our outdoor area children were excited to place the tubes into the bars and pour water into them. They watched the water spouting in all different directions.  They had great fun filling the tubes and trying to collect the water as it gushed out. They used a variety of containers to fill, pour and collect water. Children practiced filling, transferring and pouring using different sized containers too.

“I can read instructions and build tubes all by myself”.
“we can build it together”

” Look at water coming through tiny holes!”.

Den Building

Today the children decided that they would like to build a “DEN”

They collected lots of bits and pieces from the outdoor play area and began to make the structure.

Kaile collected bricks and wooden planks. He used the wheelbarrow to transport the items to the den building sight.

Lewis and Dominick were very busy constructing the walls; they put the blocks and the wood into place. The boys and girls worked well together and were really happy with their achievement. Fabulous!!


Block Play

The children have been using their imagination in the block play area today.

Clara and Amber worked together to build a car with two seats. The pretended to be mummies and fed their babies.

Abbey and Ellie decided to build a tree house for Clare and the Bear. Ellie said, “Clare and the Bear rhyme.”

The children worked together, cooperating well to build the tree house. Clare asked for a window so that she could see out.  The children decided that they would build the tree house up to Clare’s head height.

Ellie explained that two blocks going up would be needed and one long block across.

When the structure was complete, Ellie handed Clare a pretend ipad and told her she could keep busy in the tree house.


Outdoors was so lovely today, the children enjoyed playing in the sun. It was cold but lovely and bright and we are starting to feel like Spring may be coming soon.

The children were learning to identify numbers and used their fingers to draw numbers in the sand.

There was also a measuring experience taking place as some of the children used the blocks to measure how tall they were. The children used mathematical language to talk about height and measurements.

Tree Houses

Kaile chose the book “What a Mess!” to be read to a small group. In the book, the bear and the mouse build a tree house. This resulted in the children deciding to build a tree house in the block area.clare provided a variety of bears for the houses.

Some children worked alone and others worked with some peers.

The children were very proud of their models, and they were keen to show them off.

The children used mathematical language to describe their treehouse…

“mine is fuller”

“ours is biggest”

Grace identified that some bears were bigger than the others. this resulted in the children lying the bears in a row in order of size.


Forest School

Today at Forest School, we explored a different area of the forest, the children found a tree they could all fit on at the same time, and also an excellent seating area for snack.

As always there was lots of problem solving as they worked out how to negotiate climbing a different tree and moving along it to see how far up they could get. Look at how Leon has worked out how to move along the branch using his knees, feet and hands.

Anthony spent time looking for interesting things  and displayed them on the branch as you will see above.

Hot chocolate time is always welcome as the children enjoy the feeling of the hot drink on their cold hands.

Apologies to the parents who send gloves in every week for their children, and maybe find they are not wearing them. The reason for this is that the children discover gloves hinder them and don’t provide enough grip when they are climbing or swinging.

Tune in tomorrow for more Forest School Fun.


Please Note:  Each week when we are getting ready for the Forest, a few children are asking if they can come. Please be assured that I have planned the sessions from now until next summer and all of the pre school children will have the opportunity to experience Forest School.


Rainy Days

It was a wonderful rainy day today. The children decided it would be a good idea to build a shelter so that they could play out in the rain.

The children used poles, elastic bands, string and a large sheet of tarpaulin. They made the shelter big enough for lots of children to play under.

Benjamin showed a toy wolf to Abigail and Damon and they all decided that it would be a good idea to hide from the big bad wolf in the safe place under the tarpaulin.

Problem Solving in the Mud

Our children love to play in the mud and that’s where the problem begins.  The children noticed right away that the puddles in the garden had got bigger in just one day and they knew this was because it had been raining,

They were troubled  that the puddle was so deep it meant that the muddy water was rising above the top of their wellies – this was a problem!

The children worked it out for themselves that if they started to lift some of the muddy water out then the puddle level would decrease and they would not have to worry about it reaching over their wellies.

Much to everyone’s delight with teamwork they worked it out and the mud play continued. Mud glorious mud!

A day of building bridges…

Today, Kaile built the Forth Bridge and also Tower Bridge London.


Some friends joined in and shared their own design ideas, as you can see they are a feat of engineering.

Have a look at the detail and the complexity of the connecting pieces. An experience such as this involves many skills, such as problem solving, forward planning, calculating weight and distance and an appreciation of design.

All of this has been achieved through Play, a clear demonstration of the value of allowing our children to explore and choose their own experiences.

Our new construction area

The children enjoyed exploring the new construction area today.  They worked together in a small group to create bridges. They used the crates and pieces of wood to build them and shared their thoughts on how it should be done .  It was tricky but they used their skills to problem solve and come up with solutions.

Lewis was very brave going over the bridge first.



Archie pretened the crate was a car.