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St. Andrews Day

Today in the toddler room we have been learning all about St. Andrews day and how it’s celebrated, we decided to create our very own tartan, the children did this by using cars and rollers and dipping them in different colours of paint. Here are some of the children’s great work.

We watched a lovely story on the the laptop about St. Andrews day, the children found out that St. Andrew is the patron saint of Scotland.

We finished the day off listening to some Scottish music and doing ceilidh dancing, we had lots of fun and used up lots of energy!

Creative Toddlers

Today some of the toddlers got creative mark making, selecting their own paint colours and using large brushes and rollers, developing fine motor skills and muscle dexterity they even made their own natural brushes from recycled flowers.  They painted over different textures  eg Anaglypta , tinfoil, cling film, lining paper and  canvas promoting language development  about how the different materials felt. “That paper is rough” “the shiny is cold and smooth”The toddlers talked about the colours they were using and mixing. “ It’s yellow”  “ I like the blue paint best” “I’m making purple” They enjoyed using the roller and big brushes. “I want the biggest brush” “the roller is fun” The toddlers did great turn taking whilst sharing the resources.  The end result was a beautiful piece of colourful art. Well done toddlers!

Happy Diwali🪔

Today in the toddler room we have been learning all about Diwali and how it’s celebrated, we watched a lovely story on the smart board and the children picked out their favourite patterns.

We then decided to create our own Diwali patterns with coloured rice, here are some of the children’s great work. We used different mark making utensils and our fingers to create these lovely Diwali inspired patterns.

We finished the day off listening to some Diwali music and dancing with our rainbow ribbons.

Reused and Recycled🎃

Today in the toddlers we wondered what we could do with our leftover pumpkins?

We split the pumpkins into halves…..what could we be using them for???

We scooped out the seeds

We added some water to the shells

We added some seeds to the shells…

We put them on the shelf, who could they be for??

We waited very patiently…….

Yay the birds came to visit, so we used something that was going to be thrown out for another us – well done tods👏👏👏👏👏👏



Sensory Play

Today the children found a packet of marshmallows and were keen to explore and investigate them.


Using an iPad they researched what things they could make. We found a recipe for marshmallow playdough so we chose that.

The children measured out the marshmallows and poured some vegetable oil into a bowl.

The recipe asked for the marshmallows to be melted and the children asked how they would do this. They talked about it and used the microwave in the staff room to do this.

After 30 secs the microwave pinged and they were excited to see what the marshmallows looked like. They noticed that they had all melted but looked hot.

They brought the bowl back to the playroom and added some cornflour to the mix. Using their super muscles they took turns at mixing it.

It’s very soft
It’s sticky

The children enjoyed exploring the texture of this new play dough and by adding dried oranges and lemons added to their sensory experience.

Cars and ramps

Today the children have  been super busy making ramps for their cars using the blocks. They decided to make their own ramps. The toddlers self selected their own paint colours and then dipped their cars into the paint and set them off down the ramp. The children noticed that some of the cars went further than others, some went down fast, some slow and that the tyres all made different marks.  They added some textured balls to see what different marks they left. “ That’s left a bumpy mark”  They learned some new concepts including stop, go, up, down, fast, slow developing their language skills and learning about cause and effect.

When asked what they would like to do next with the cars L said “ make a garage “ So they set about creating one. H said “we should use these boxes”. L said “ I’m painting it green, it needs to have a tunnel and space for the fire engine”. The children demonstrated great team work when planning together to create their garage. They were proud of their finished result and had great fun playing together.

Barefoot in the paint

Our toddlers had such sensory fun this week, they loved being barefoot in the paint.

Look at the smiles showing their enjoyment.

Look at our hands!

From birth to early childhood, children use their five senses to explore and try to make sense of the world around them.

It’s an important part of early childhood development, and providing opportunities for children to actively use their senses as they explore their world through ‘sensory play’ is crucial to brain development.

Learning through sensory exploration comes naturally to babies and young children, which makes sense when you consider that the skills they’ll come to rely on to build an understanding of objects, spaces, people and interactions are yet to be fully developed.

As adults, our senses provide us with vital information that we use to inform decision making thousands of times a day. We may take this ability for granted and barely notice it, but it’s for this reason that helping children to learn about their own senses is so important.

Tuesdays Toddler Provocations

The toddlers have opportunities to explore a range of diverse art forms through provocations. Today we gathered some interesting natural resources to use in our clay. The toddlers rolled out their clay, pressing down hard. ‘It feels cold’ ‘Its very smooth after its rolled’ The children decided they were going to press the leaves into the clay to see what mark they left, they then proceeded to do the same with the flowers and the pine cones. They decided that the leaf left the best imprint, the toddlers talked about how the texture of the clay had changed to bumpy after using the pine cone to mark make.

They noticed that all the leaves were different sizes shapes and colours. ‘The green one is the biggest’ ‘I like the wee red leaf the best’ The older toddlers put the leaves in sequence from the smallest to the biggest. They squashed and rolled the clay improving hand eye coordination building gross and fine motor skills learning new vocabulary. The children were pleased with the end result.

Some of the children also decided to use the pipettes for colour mixing on paper towel, promoting colour recognition and developing fine motor skills including building hand eye coordination and of course always encouraging creativity and imagination.

We talked about the colours and how they changed when they mixed. The children liked the bright colours ‘The yellow and red has gone orange’ ‘the pink looks red on the paper’

Great Cartmill Toddler Bake Off

The children in our toddler room love to bake. They took great interest in a lovely little book in the Home Corner about baking and asked to if they could make some of their favourites.

First, they made some Scones. They all washed their hands before they touched any of the ingredients.

450g of self raising flour
2 tsp baking powder
50g of caster sugar
100g of soft butter
2 eggs
a little milk.


Pre heat the oven to 220/200 Fan/Gas 7. The children know that only a grown up should touch the oven as it would become very hot.

Put the flour, baking powder and sugar into a large bowl.

Measure the butter

Now rub the mixture between your fingers till it looks like fine breadcrumbs.

Crack both eggs into a measuring jug and add enough milk to make the mix up to 300ml. Stir, then add the milk and egg mixture to the flour. You may not need all the milk and eggs, the mix should become soft and sticky.

Turn the mixture out onto a table dusted with flour and knead. Press out and, using a cutter, cut into circles, putting them on a lined baking sheet. Cook in the oven till golden brown.

Enjoy your scones with yummy jam warm from the oven.

Next we made some yummy Irish Soda Bread. There are only 5 items needed to make this.

170g of wholemeal flour
170g of plain flour
half a teaspoon of salt
half a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda
290ml buttermilk

Pre heat the oven to 200/180 Fan/Gas 6.

Measure the two different types of flour, salt and bicarbonate of soda and put into a large bowl.

Add in the carton of buttermilk

Carefully stir the mixture and turn out onto a floured table to knead gently.

J said it was very squishy and sticky

Make into a round dome shape, place on a baking tray ready to go into the oven

All ready for the oven

Cook in the oven till golden brown.

The children learned turn taking and good listening skills. They further developed their fine motor skills and their hand eye co-ordination with measuring, pouring and stirring. Talking with the children and encouraging them to talk to each other about their baking develops social skills giving them the opportunity to learn new words which helps with language development.

Colourful Fingers

The children in the Toddler Room are always very expressive and creative so when we found some very colourful finger paints in one of the cupboards in the playroom they were keen to try them out.

At first they were very careful, using only one finger, testing out each colour.

They experimented with different colours, making swirls on their paper.

Very quickly they started to use their whole hands, feeling the paint between their fingers.

Its cold and squishy
Blue paint.

Small swirls with one finger became huge swirls and mark making with a whole hand.

Oh look at my colourful hands too
Pink hands

All the children had loads of fun painting with their fingers and hands and were very excited to see their finished artwork hanging up drying ready to take home.