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Today in the toddler room Spring was in the air! The children were using forks dipped in paint to print lovely tulips on to coloured paper. They were then using paint brushes to paint stems onto their pretty flowers. This created a good discussion about Spring and what flowers appear at this time of year. The children also enjoyed the novelty of painting with forks!!

“I’m here!”

The toddlers were signing in today using our new Self Registration Board.

The children  find their picture with their name on it and put it onto the board to sign themselves in and let everyone know “I’m here!”.

This is helping to develop early literacy skills with the children beginning to recognise their name.  It is also developing their independence.

The children are enjoying this experience in the morning/afternoon.


Today the toddlers had fun investigating shapes.

They were using the coloured lollipop sticks to make squares, rectangles and triangles!

They were identifying the different colours of sticks, concentrating on making their own shapes and filling the shapes on the floor with the lollipop sticks creating patterns.