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Forest School – Week 8

This week all groups had an opportunity to use a bow saw. The bow saw is a tool particularly good for cutting wood.

Prior to using any tools staff have a safety briefing with children to discuss the risks that come along with using them. As this is week 8 children are aware and are talking about hazards and risks more frequently without adult encouragement.

To make our tree cookies we used wood that we had previously cut, the reason we do this is to ensure we are not removing any wood from the woodland that doesn’t need to be removed. Sticks and broken trees are a good resource of nutrients for the soil in the wood therefore we like to leave as much of them their to decompose, they also provide habitats for mini beasts.


Some children were more interested in exploring and using the rope swings, they will have the opportunity to use the bow saw next week again if they choose.

Others liked looking for minibeasts and climbing trees.


The children have been observing the life cycle of a butterfly over the last couple weeks and today it was time to set them free. Some of the boys and girls gathered in the garden to watch the butterflies fly away and Bradley named  one  “Bertie” and another one “Fertie”.

“They need to fly in the fresh air” said Harris.

“They might fly to a different country” said Matthew.

Spring and Easter fun at Cart Mill

Enjoy this little film, and have a think about this question….

What came first? The Chicken or the Egg? Answers in the comments box please ….


Tomorrow we are hoping that the Easter Bunny will hop along to our centre and leave some eggs for us. He/She (who knows?) has a habit of hiding the eggs for us to hunt for them, so that will be fun.  We are also visiting our friends at Williamwood High School  and Bonnyton House with our Easter Hats on.