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Snowy Movers

It was a snowy, wet and cold morning in our garden but this didn’t stop our children from having lots of fun! The children decided to design and build their own “snowy movers” course using our loose parts. The children demonstrated excellent teamwork by collecting parts and discussing where they should put them to build their course. They used the cable reels, tyres and crates and set them out in a straight line to climb up and walk along. The children had lots of fun climbing and walking along their course. They then decided they would like to add in some jumping, so we discussed how we could make the course more challenging. The children had some fantastic ideas and worked together to add additional obstacles such as crates and wooden planks to our course so that they could climb, jump and balance.  Our course was a bit more challenging, but with a little support the children gained confidence and were soon demonstrating excellent climbing, balancing and jumping skills. As it was snowing and very wet, the children identified that we would need to be very careful as it was very “slippy”!

Muddy movers is a program of physical activities designed to develop gross motor skills and emotional resilience. By using various loose parts to design obstacle courses, our children develop their core strength, balance, co-ordination, spatial awareness, confidence, problem solving and teamwork skills. Our children gain a real sense of achievement as well as improving their health and well-being and most importantly, have lots of fun!

Wacky Races

Today in the garden we had the bikes and scooters out to help the children develop their gross motor skills. After playing for a while a child shouts out “Let’s race!” this led to the children having lots of fun taking part in a number of races. Requiring the children to use their turn taking skills and use a sand timer as a visual aid.  We also learned about spatial awareness and tried our best not to bump into our friends as we raced. When we were getting ready to race everyone helped say “ready, steady, GO!”


“I outside on a bike”
“I winning the race, pedal really fast”
“Racing friends. I went fast. I lose” (this was said with a smiling face)
“I’m on the bike, I went fast with my legs!”