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Olympic Fever

Olympic fever has arrived at Cartmill.

Yesterday the children enjoyed their own mini games which started them talking about various sports that they all take part in. Running races, jumping, bike racing, tennis, basketball, gymnastics, swimming, football, golf to name a few.

This led to talk about the Olympics being held over the next couple of weeks in Tokyo, Japan. Some children asked what the Olympics were. Through discussions with staff, they learned that the Olympics were held every 4 years with people from countries all over the world taking part in lots of different sports to win medals for their country.

The children watched some of the Opening Ceremony from London 2012 with great interest and tried to guess the countries from their flags, as well as watching the ceremony where the medals are awarded.

1st, 2nd and 3rd place
J said it goes round her neck
She looked very happy

After their mini games some of the children asked if they could make their own little medals. They found some gold, silver and a bronze coloured shiny paper and some ribbon. They glued the shiny paper onto some card, cut out a circle and attached some ribbon.

S’s medal goes over her head like the one on the screen.

C shows her silver medal off with pride.

Who knows we may have a future olympian here at Cartmill.

Taking part in sports helps to keep our bodies fit and healthy and improves our general health and wellbeing.

Germ Busting Yoga,

Today we did some Cosmic Yoga to waken and stretch our muscles after lunch. Yoga helps strengthen children’s growing bodies and helps them improve their flexibility.

Today’s yoga thought us how to  wash our hands and defeat the germ monster!  We learned the 6 movements to washing our hands and becoming a soaperhero!!







Take a look below at our super yoga poses!


“We always have to wash our hands to not get sick.”

“We got the germ monster with the moves”

“I like the germ yoga, it was the best one”


Parachute Play

Enjoying outdoors in the sunshine this morning, the children wanted to bring out the parachute.

We were using the parachute to sing rhymes and nursery songs.
We used the puppets to help us and enjoyed shaking and moving the parachute to make the puppets move.


This helps to promote communication and language skills and helps to develop a sense of rhythm.

We lift the parachute following the directions in the song, up and down , side to side, round and round, fast and slow, working the upper body, arms and shoulders.

The parachute encourages cooperation, turn taking and sharing as we continue to use the parachute to play games.

The children had so much fun playing with the parachute in the garden.

Bowling Cart Mill style

The children showed in interest in rolling the blocks this morning.

We decided to set up some pins to see if we could knock them down.

“it quite tricky” “it’s rolling the wrong way”

We continued our game outside and use the balls this time.

“Strike well done!”

“Strike well done!”

“Strike well done!”

We each counted out how many pins we knocked down and created a chart to record our score using tally marks.

Outdoor art

Our boys and girls had lots of fun in our garden today further developing their gross motor skills. They collected lots of different materials and chose their favourite colour of paints to create their artwork.

The children chose lots of different sized brushes so that we could see the different marks they would make on our screen. We made lots of big sweeping movements with our large brushes and tiny little movements with our small brushes.

The children chose to paint some shells and pine cones which they then pressed and rolled onto the screen to see the beautiful patterns they made.

We mixed lots of our colours together and made “rainbow patterns”. The children discovered that when they mixed the blue, orange and green paint together it turned brown!

“It looks like waves on the sea”

”It’s a rainbow snake”

We had lots of fun using the rollers. We stretched up really high and crouched down really low!

Of course the best fun of all was painting our hands and making lots of handprint patterns. We made lots of squiggles,  lines and wrote our names with our fingers.

Brilliant work boys and girls!

Toddlers practising their gross motor skills and having fun 😁

Today in the toddler room we have been practising using our gross motor skills by balancing, jumping, kicking,throwing and catching a ball. By developing these skills we are encouraging confidence, hand to eye co ordination, taking turns and celebrating the achievements of others whilst enjoying the fresh air and having fun 😁

Welcome to our garden!

Hi everybody,

The children would like to show you what they’ve been getting up to in our busy garden this week.

We have our muddy movers obstacle course which the children had great fun building and playing on, developing their fine and gross motor skills including balancing, jumping and co-ordination.

The children are enjoying using their problem solving skills to complete the jigsaws, developing on their fine motor skills, hand–eye coordination and shape recognition

“I did it all by myself”

The children are having great fun expressing themselves through singing their favourite songs and playing with the musical instruments.

We love our cosy book corner, time for us to chill out and relax reading our favourite stories.