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Developing fine motor skills at home…

Hi!  It’s Linzi here today, I’m missing you all ❤ but my kids are definitely keeping me on my toes and I’m sure your parents will be feeling the same.

In some of our recent blogs my colleagues have spoken about different activities to promote gross motor skills – which relate to large body movements and are controlled by large muscle groups, e.g. climbing, jumping, running.  Learning to move is important for children, it enables them to become more independent, make their own choices and learn about the world around them.

Today I thought I’d give some information about fine motor skills and show you some activities I’ve been doing at home with my 3 year old to help support his fine motor dexterity.

Fine motor skills begin from early childhood and develop continuously throughout life, it involves the small muscles in the hands and fingers working in synchronisation, this is also essential for hand and eye coordination.  Children begin by grabbing at larger objects and then slowly develop their movements to involve more define hand and eye coordination.  Effective fine motor skills are important in order carry out everyday activities such as eating, writing, buttoning clothes, tying shoelaces, turning pages, using computer keyboards and much more.

Below I’ve shared some play activities I’ve been doing with Keir, he’s had fun doing them and they all promote fine motor skill development.

Using tongs to move cotton wool into a bowl
Small world play with dinosaurs in a homemade habitat
Putting cereal on spaghetti sticks held in place by playdough
Pegs with letters written on them to attach to the corresponding letter on the cardboard
Painting outdoors with water
Threading pipe cleaners through a colander
Using fingers to mark make in rice
Paint sealed inside a zip lock bag to allow mark making using a cotton bud

These are all really simple to set up play activities using items we already have at home, if you have a go don’t forget to tweet or email us a photo. We all love seeing what you are getting up to at home with your families.

Stay safe, love and hugs,

Linzi xxx