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Creativity in Action

I spent a very inspiring morning with the children in the playrooms. Orla was “experimenting” with mixing the paint. This involved various tools such as cotton buds, glue spreaders and spoons. Soon other children joined in and it became a very busy table! Sorry Michelle!


What was interesting to Orla was how the water ran off the dry paint and created little dry bubbles.

Can you see the bubble?

Rowan enjoyed experimenting with different sizes of containers to mix the paint in. This was a tiny one.

  Meanwhile, in the sand area, the boys were creating “Mount Everest”. Can you see the footsteps on the mountain?

At the water tray, Matthew and Scott created a water chute to transport the water… Phew I couldnt keep up with all the creativity in the room, and all of it child led!


Well Done Everyone!

World of music

This week the children have been exploring the music and dance from all around the world. They are beginning to understand that music is important to people and that different countries enjoy different sounds.

They used the drama resources to dress up in green when dancing was on the big screen and practiced some dance moves. Mhairi and Orla talked about the different clothes the dancers wore, and the different musical sounds. Orla mentioned that she could hear fiddles in the Irish music, and Mhairi shared that Scottish music has the sound of bagpipes.

Kaile, Lily and Amber practiced their Spanish flamenco dancing. They liked to stamp their feet and clap their hands really fast.

We also listened to Spanish music and the children made pictures of Spanish guitars. It was fun when the paintbrush tickled the children’s feet.




Express yourself!

As you can see, Expressive Arts can take different forms, from singing, moving to music, to creating tangible artwork. There are no limits to creativity, and this is why it is important to give our children the opportunity to access many different resources which they can use to express their thoughts and ideas. Each child will have a unique and individual approach to expressing themselves in different ways. Children will learn from each other as they work side by side sharing their experiences.

The white feather dress

The children continue to explore the book “The Scarecrows Wedding”.

They used lots of craft materials to create their version of “the dress of white feathers”.

The discussion is now about the sort of clothes they believe should be worn to a wedding.

Amelia said you should wear a dress but other children had different ideas and suggested a skirt, a kilt or a suit; but they all agreed that everyone would look nice.

Halloween is coming

The children were being very creative with the seasonal fruit. They spent lots of time carving their pumpkin and scooping out the middle…think we will make soup with that…

Inaya was very happy when she managed to scoop out all the seeds from inside with the special tools that we have at the family centre.

Once all the pumpkins were carved, some children decided to paint a beautiful picture of their creation.













Down in the Jungle…

The children have been talking about the jungle, they decided to paint pictures and use various natural resources to create. The children elected to go for a walk in the local area to collect some natural resources to create their jungle animals.

Kaile said, “Jungle animals are from Africa, it’s in the map.”

Harris said, “It’s an enormous crocodile. He snaps snaps. They swim fast and live in the forest; they eat lettuce, apples and carrots.”

Lily made the rolly polly bird.