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Creative pendulum painting 🖼

Today some of the boys and girls decided they would like to try out a different way of painting. They decided that pendulum painting  might be fun.

“I want to make pink paint to swirl” “ I need lots of white and a little red to make pink”

Learning about gravity and the forces of motion and also developing our gross motor skills. We chose some suitable containers that had holes in the bottom to let the paint through. The boys and girls then self selected their own paint.

The children knew quite a lot about colour theory and understood that mixing colours would make different colours.
“I’m making orange paint it’s my favourite colour “ I know that red and yellow makes orange”

The children wanted two different surfaces to paint on a shiny one , We chose tinfoil and paper called news print. Then the fun began,  they poured the paint into the pendulum  and swung it backwards and forwards up and down fast and slow. “ It sounds like rain when it goes onto the tinfoil “ “look the colours are mixing the red and blue are changing green” “I’m making circles “

The children took turns swinging their paints and got very messy but they really enjoyed their learning experience. I think you will agree that their art work looks amazing. The boys and girls thought  that we could make our own pendulums next time using our studio room junk .  Well done everybody!!

Today in the studio we were Marble painting.

Today some of the children wanted to try out marble painting. This activity allowed the children to express their creativity whilst strengthening fine motor skills and developing their hand eye coordination.

”First we need water”

We used special paint called marbling paint which contained oil. We learnt that oil and water don’t mix and because the paint has oil in it, it sits on the surface of the water.

“I want the red paint”

“when you mix the yellow and the red it makes orange ”

”Let me add the black to see what happens, Oh it’s turned brown”

The children soon realised if we stirred the colours together too much they would all mix together to make one colour so they were very careful just to swirl the paint in the water. The children noticed that the paint was lying on top of the water and that it looked shiny. They took a piece of paper and laid it gently on top of the paint to make prints of the patterns they had made. Everybody commented on how smelly the paint was but that it did make pretty pictures. The children demonstrated some excellent turn taking skills and were able to show off their knowledge of colour theory.

St. Andrews Day

Today in the toddler room we have been learning all about St. Andrews day and how it’s celebrated, we decided to create our very own tartan, the children did this by using cars and rollers and dipping them in different colours of paint. Here are some of the children’s great work.

We watched a lovely story on the the laptop about St. Andrews day, the children found out that St. Andrew is the patron saint of Scotland.

We finished the day off listening to some Scottish music and doing ceilidh dancing, we had lots of fun and used up lots of energy!

Let’s Get Busy With Paint!

Using paints that the children selected, they explored their self expression and created their own masterpieces! The children mixed colours to make new ones, discussed their works of art with their peers and explored what tools they could use. Using our hands to paint was a favourite!

Take a look at these fabulous paintings in our garden gallery!


Some comments from the children. 

“I’m making a rainbow with all the colours”

“I’m painting a picture of me”

”It’s a picture for my mummy. Her favourite colour is  blue”

“It’s a picture of the sky. Look at the clouds that are so big”

Mark Making fun in the sun

The sun has been shining again outside in the garden this week and the children have been having lots of fun.

Some of them found some shaving foam and decided to try some fancy mark making, adding powder paint to make it colourful.

They found some large mops which made fancy patterns on the ground.

Mopping the ground! Look at the patterns!

Some of the children preferred to use their hands.

E made swirls with her hands and said the shaving foam felt like marshmallows.

E wrote the letter ‘M’

“Mark making simply refers to the creation of different patterns, lines, textures and shapes. This term is typically used to describe the scribbles that children make on a piece of paper with pens, pencils or crayons. However, mark making doesn’t just refer to squiggles made with stationery, children are still mark making if they use their hands, paintbrushes or sticks.”

“Mark making gives children the opportunity to express themselves and explore new materials other than pen and paper. Encourage them to create marks using their fingers to draw in the sand, paint on an easel or prod into play dough. Mark making isn’t just for indoors either – head outside with the children to explore the natural world and take mark making to the next level, let them drag a stick through the mud!”

Rapunzel’s Castle 🏰

Our children really enjoyed the story of Rapunzel and wanted to make a Rapunzel castle.

The children quickly got to work selecting their materials and paint to creating their castle.

The children decided to use the big rollers and brushes. We even explored the paint with their hands.

Once the castle walls were up it was time to furnish the inside.

They brought in logs to sit on, card for carpet and a door.

“This is the door”

”we need a carpet”

“I’m Rapunzel”

The children’s story continued to evolve all afternoon. They had great fun sharing their creativity and imagination.

“This is the bed”

“This can be the kitchen”

Along with being fun, using imagination in their play improves their creativity and promotes communication and language, develops social skills while collaborating with others, allows the children time to explore, to process and to make sense of real life situations.

Let’s explore block prints.

Today in the home room we were exploring our mark making skills.
we got our trays, paper and paint all set up and decided to use the Lego blocks to print the marks and patterns they made.

We picked different shape sizes, colours and shapes of blocks.

We had lots of fun dipping our blocks into the paint, and exploring what print it would make.

When we finished using the blocks ,we then decided to use our fingers to design the rest of our picture.

We had lots of fun getting  messy and mark making our block pictures.

Can you make your own block prints at home? What else can you find that you can print patterns with?


Junk modelling

This week in the Studio room  the children have shown an interest in using every day recycled materials to make their own models.

We discussed what materials we would need to make the robots.

“We need glue and paint”

“We could use these sponges and brushes to paint them”


They decided to make Robots using “big” and “small” cardboard boxes and selected their own paints and materials such as sponges and paint brushes to paint their boxes.

” We chose orange and blue and green paint”

“We are going to glue heads on our robots”

When the boxes were dry the children glued them together to create their robots and decorated them using “sparkly gems” .

Junk modelling is a great way to provide our children with opportunities to develop their imagination and problem solving skills.

We are looking for more bits n bobs to add to our collection that you may have at home :

  • Bottle lids
  • Cereal Boxes
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Kitchen roll tube
  • Shoe Boxes
  • Yoghurt pots
  • Cartons