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Colourful Creatures

This week we have been continuing to explore patterns through the wonderful story of Pezzetino by Leo Lionni.  Pezzetino is a little square who lives in a world where all his colourful friends are much bigger than him and can do daring and wonderful things. He is very small and just one little piece so he feels he must belong to someone else and he sets off to find out where he is missing from….

The children were curious to find out what the word Pezzetino means as they had never heard it before! We discovered that it  means ‘little piece’ in Italian which we thought was a very good title for the story!

In the story Pezzetino speaks to some of his friends who are all different shapes and sizes to find out where he belongs. Some of the friends he visits are  ‘ the one who runs’, the ‘strong one’ and ‘the swimming one’.

The children decided they would like to make their own creatures using losing little squares.


You can see some of their fantastic creations below!


Our own Ada Twist!

The boys and girls decided today that they wanted to create their own life sized Ada Twist. They decided to draw around one of the other children and then using their observations from the pictures in the story they decided which colours they needed to use to decorate her.

Tomorrow we are going to discuss the different characteristics needed to be a Scientist and what type of person the children think Ada Twist would be.

”I need to use grey for her eyes”
”Ada has red polka dots on her dress”
”She has yellow gloves to keep her hands safe”