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Bookbug comes to visit Cart Mill!

We are so lucky that Bookbug came to visit us at Cart Mill today! We welcomed him with our “Hallo” song.

Next, it was time to choose a puppet from our Bookbug basket! It was so exciting to take our turn and use the puppet we had chosen to guess which song we would sing next.

We waited very patiently until it was our turn to guess the song.

It was so much fun to bounce our puppets on the lycra to see how high they could jump!

Finally it was time to end our Bookbug with one of our favourite stories.  Our story had lots of rhyming words for us to practice!

We love when Bookbug comes to visit!



Let’s have fun with Syllables!

Today in  our new ‘noisy and quiet’ room the children have been busy exploring the noisy side using musical instruments and their voices. We all joined together and  slowly clapped out the number of syllables in each of our names and counted how many there were. We found that most  of us had two,  and some of us only had one, so we decided to clap to our second names too. We discovered that most of us had three syllables in our second name’s. The children were able to recognise and clap out the number of syllables in their own names and were able to count out their  friends names.
“my name has two”

“ I have three  syllables  in my name “

“ I have more in my second name”

We then decided we would choose our favourite musical instruments and use them to develop our skills further.

“ I am going to choose the drum”

We had lots of instrument to choose from.

“I  am going to count my name using the maracas”

The children were learning to develop their vocabulary,  pre -phonics skills, and understanding of sounds and patterns within words through play. They were able to listen and respond to instructions whilst showing respect for each other through sharing and taking turns.

“ I can count out my syllables  on the wooden sound maker”

“ I am going to use the big drum”

“I am enjoying playing on the big  drum and making sounds”.

We even found out we can count out syllables on the piano. WOW!

Why not try it at home! You could use compound words that form two words such as: sunset , hotdog,  snowman or postman. To start with children just need to be able to recognise syllables by clapping, stamping or jumping for each syllable.  We had lots of fun dividing words into syllables. Why not give it a try at home and let us know how you got on. Have fun playing with words!





Sharing stories in spring

Today in the Home room was all about stories. We enjoy exploring stories together in our story area.
We like sharing stories together in different ways. We can share stories as part of a group, listening to a story being read by an adult.

When we read stories together, we are learning about taking turns, when to talk and when to listen, learning new vocabulary and sharing our thoughts and feelings as part of a group.
Today we discussed all things Spring during our story. We read about big and little nut brown hare sharing their ideas about Spring. We discussed our ideas and found out it’s “when the sun gets a little warmer” and “I know it’s Spring because it’s my mummy’s birthday in Spring”.
We can also explore stories with our friends, forming our own ideas about what the story can be about from looking at the pictures. If we recognise the book we can use our recall skills to retell the story.

Sometimes we can use visual aids to help us read a story. Visual aids such as puppets are a great way for our visual learners to interact with the story. Today the Gruffalo was helping read the story all about his adventures in the deep dark wood.

Sometimes we don’t even need a book to tell a story. We can use our imagination with different visual aids to bring our own stories to life, such as puppet shows.

We can also use role play to act out as characters from familiar stories, our become our own characters.
Story telling has so many learning opportunities for our children, it’s great to tell these stories in a way that captures the interests of our individual children.

What way do you like to share stories together at home?

World Book Day

We have had lots of fun celebrating World Book Day here at Cart Mill!

We sang our favourite songs and rhymes such a Twinkle Twinkle, Incy Wincy Spider,  Wheels on the Bus and Humpty Dumpty during Book Bug with Emma and Gail.

We had to work together as a team to keep Incy Wincy Spider up in the air! We were so excited to guess what was inside the box and which song we would sing next!

We did lots of bending and stretching following the actions of Head, Shoulders, Knees andToes and Peter Hammer with Gail.

Thank you so much to our parents and children who recorded their favourite stories to share with us.  We really enjoyed watching them on our big screen!

Gail read us a lovely story called the Wonderful World of Weather.  We have chatted about our favourite stories and read some of our favourite books.

Our budding authors have created some potato characters and stories of their own.  Other children have made their favourite characters from books. How many can you recognise?



People who can help us

We do love a story here at Cart Mill! Our favourite story today was about Emergency Services and people who could help us.  In particular, the children enjoyed hearing about fire engines.

We chatted about the colour of the fire engine and the sound it makes in an emergency!!!

We love to role play so we found some firemen puppets and used them to re-enact the story.  We were able to discuss what we think firemen do and what we would do if we were firemen!

We love to sing at Cart Mill. Gail taught us 5 little firefighters standing in a row. We were able to sing along and add in our own actions.

Why don’t you sing the song at home!

5 little firefighters standing in a row

1,2,3 swoosh swoosh they go

hop on the engine with a shout

quicker than a wink and the fire is out!!!!

We may have plenty of future fire fighters from Cartmill 🧑🏼‍🚒









Sleeping Bunnies

We have been celebrating Book Week Scotland and Nursery Rhyme week here in our Studio Room.
Today’s  rhyme is Sleeping Bunnies. It’s a favourite of ours and most of us are familiar with the song and actions. For some it was a brand new song to hear. We used the smart board to listen to Bookbug singing us Sleeping Bunnies.

Now that we all knew what to do we had a turn of joining in.
First we pretended we were the sleeping bunnies

Then we sang our merry  song and then….. wake up bunnies

It was time to hop like little bunnies

It was lots of fun. We used lots of skills throughout this experience, we extend our vocabulary by learning new songs, our gross motor skills to hop and our expressive arts to sing and our imagination to become bunnies.

We also used our nursery rhyme books to look for other familiar rhymes. We have been learning that we can find out information from a book.

We had to look at the picture to give us a clue to what the rhyme may be.

we guessed almost all of the rhymes.
I wonder what tomorrow’s rhyme will be?

Pumpkin Seeds

Today we reminded ourselves of our story. Pumpkin Jack. It was time to open our pumpkin and see what was inside ?.  “Its seeds”

The children enjoyed scooping the seeds out the pumpkins. They had great conversations about how slippy and slimy the whole process was. We gathered lots of seeds to make pictures.

The children were very create designing their own styles of pictures. We all picked our own paper, glue, pens and pencils . Using these resources helps the children develop their fine motor skills. “ I am making a big pumpkin “ and “ mine will have lots of seeds inside it”. We have some lovely pictures to take home , we hope you enjoy them as much as we did creating them.


Fruit Smoothies :)

The children in the home room asked to make some fruit smoothies.

So we searched for a recipe on the computer and the children made a list of ingredients.

  • 15 Strawberries
  • 2 Banana’s
  • 250ml Orange juice

We collected:

  •  Large mixing bowl
  • Chopping board
  • Sharp Knife (for adult)
  • Hand blender
  • Measuring jug

We spoke about the dangers when using our equipment and how to be safe using it.

“First we need to chop the fruit up and add it to the bowl”

“We need to measure the orange juice,we need a measuring jug”


“now blend it together”

The children enjoyed their delicious smoothies and are now going to add the recipe in to our very own Cart mill Recipe book.



Mark Making fun in the sun

The sun has been shining again outside in the garden this week and the children have been having lots of fun.

Some of them found some shaving foam and decided to try some fancy mark making, adding powder paint to make it colourful.

They found some large mops which made fancy patterns on the ground.

Mopping the ground! Look at the patterns!

Some of the children preferred to use their hands.

E made swirls with her hands and said the shaving foam felt like marshmallows.

E wrote the letter ‘M’

“Mark making simply refers to the creation of different patterns, lines, textures and shapes. This term is typically used to describe the scribbles that children make on a piece of paper with pens, pencils or crayons. However, mark making doesn’t just refer to squiggles made with stationery, children are still mark making if they use their hands, paintbrushes or sticks.”

“Mark making gives children the opportunity to express themselves and explore new materials other than pen and paper. Encourage them to create marks using their fingers to draw in the sand, paint on an easel or prod into play dough. Mark making isn’t just for indoors either – head outside with the children to explore the natural world and take mark making to the next level, let them drag a stick through the mud!”