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World Book Week

The boys and girls have been acting out the story of Goldilocks and the three bears. The children have been talking about the three bowls, the three spoons, the three chairs and the three beds. The children compared difference in size and talked about the three bears and how the daddy bear would be huge and baby bear would be really small.

Abigail really enjoyed being the Goldilocks character and she was confident to retell the story to her peers.

“This one is too hot and this one is too lumpy”

“This one is perfect”

Lets Compare Size

Today the children decided to compare the different size of the three bears. There was a bear that was big a bear that was small a bear that was tiny and that was all.

Ben wanted to compare the height of his friend Lewis to his height “Who is the tallest?”

Some children decided to make number £ for the sensory display…very bumpy!

Other children moved to the block area and made a house for daddy bear. Matthew said that the house was “huge” and suggested that they build a small house for baby bear.

Cars and Farm Animals

Today the children have taken their interest in cars and farm animal’s further by enjoying using these resources outdoors in small world play.

Children have been talking about direction and road safety with our new cable tie table city as Dominic named it “Cart Mill City.” Some children are aware of basic road safety and understand how to behave at the road side.

Almost all children have taken time to explore our small world farm. The children were introduced to the many farm animals and talked a bit about what animals eat. Cameron continued with his interest in letters and took time to share the book.

Celebrating Burn’s Day

Today the children have been celebrating Robert Burns Day. There was lots of Scottish Country Dancing going on, some writing and also poetry.

The children drew some pictures of Robert Burns and some children copy wrote his name.

In the baking area Jo and the children made some yummy shortbread.

Children also came to the family centre today in tartan attire and sang about the; “5 haggis pies in the bakers shop”

Lots of fun shenanigans!!


Book Week Scotland

Book week Scotland takes place  from Monday 27th November, it is a celebration of books and reading which we will enjoy taking part in throughout the week. This year we have been concentrating on scottish text – today the children explored “The Gruffalo in Scots”.

The children thought some of the words were funny and repeated them back. They were surprised that parts of the body were different in Scots. Here are some examples:

  • Neb – Nose
  • Taes – Toes

To reinforce these the children had fun learning and singing “head, shoulders, knees & toes” which translates into Scots as “heid, shouders, naps and taes”.

The children also spent time listening to the book being read in Scots on the smartboard. Staff have a variety of Scottish stories for the children to explore throughout the week.