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The Magical Fairy World

The river is like fire.
I think the dragon is going in to the forest.
The King and Queen will live up here.

The children went for a walk into a magical fairy world today. They wanted to make a new world in the garden where a magical wizard and a scary dragon lived. The King and Queen of the land lived high above the garden, watching over their kingdom. The children thought the dragon should live in a big volcano with a lava river. We used some of our plants in the garden to make a deep, dark forest to keep the dragon away from the King and Queen. The castle was made from beautiful flowers that were pink and yellow and white. Everything was happy in the garden until one day the dragon decided to cross the lava river… Now the children had to decide, did the King and Queen live happily ever after?

We’re going on a bear hunt

This term we are working on developing our listening skills as part of our big focus on phonological awareness.

Today the children watched and  listened to the author Michael Rosen tells his story without using the book.

The children enthusiastically watched his body language as he told the familiar story.  They copied Michael’s movements and become more confident as the story progressed.

Damon said “We copy the man to get to see the bear.”

It was wonderful to watch this experience and how the children expressed themselves using a variety of gestures, movements and emotions.

Ellie reflected afterwards saying “We’re not going on a bear hunt again because the bear came.”