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Fun at Forest School

We are always so excited when it’s a Forest School day! We have been observing the changes in the Forest over the last few sessions.  As it has been sunny and dry over the last week, it was safe enough for us to explore the river.  We collected our nets and set off!

The water was so clear we could see right to the bottom. Unfortunately we didn’t see or catch any fish! We used a stick to measure the depth of the water and then held it against our boots so that we could see where it was safe to stand.

We found our very own stoney beach where we could look for stones and throw them in the water.  As a group, we conducted a risk assessment and discussed safety rules we should follow when throwing our stones.  We had to be careful to look around us and stay a safe distance from each other before we threw our stones into the water. We had so much fun investigating who could throw their stone the furthest and make the biggest SPLASH! We found lots of different sizes and shapes of stone. We were able to identify which were bigger, smaller, heavier and flatter.  We found one that looked like a pizza and put two together to make a duck!

Of course we have to have snack when we’re at Forest School.  We enjoyed apple, hot chocolate to warm us up and a biscuit (to give us energy!)

There was just time for us to make a few trips up our favourite hill! It was hard work climbing to the top! We were able to feel our hearts beating really fast! Our favourite part was pulling Angela back down the hill with us. She was going really fast!

We can’t wait to see what we can discover and explore next week!





Walks with Blue

Blue came in for a visit today, we were so pleased to see her.  She was eager to go for a walk and the children were keen to walk her! We looked out of the window to check the weather and decided it would be best to wear our wellies and puddle suits.

We all headed off down a muddy hill. We had to practice patience,  turn taking and being responsible when holding on to Blues lead.

We had great fun splashing through lots of puddles before going through the kissing gate one at a time.

It was so cold this morning that one of the puddles had a thin covering of ice which was fun to break and cold to touch.
“it’s like the North Pole “

the children noticed the sound of the “noisy” river “ it’s because there is much water”.

As we walked on, we noticed mounds of soil. After close inspection it was decided that they were mole hills. “Look this one looks like a baby one, it’s so cute”.

Walking Blue is so much fun, but splashing though puddles is the best!

Exercise Exercise Exercise!

Today, the children have been very keen to get their bodies moving! We discussed different ways we can exercise and why it is important to exercise.

” We need to keep healthy”

“ fruit makes me healthy too “

” I had vegetables with my lunch today “

We started off with a nice warm up in the garden and discussed the importance of this!

“We might hurt our legs if we don’t warm up”

” We won’t be able to exercise right “

After our warm up we made our own obstacle course to try out!!

“ Look how high I can jump “

” I’m being careful so I don’t get hurt “

We even had a cycle on the bikes!

“ my legs are getting exercise! “

And finally to cool down, we tried out some yoga!


Forest School Fun!

We were so excited today as it was time for us to return to our Forest! We were so independent and managed to put on our own forest school clothes and wellies. It was time to set off!

“The stones are crunching” “I’ve never been this way before but I go on walks with mummy and daddy”

We saw lots of interesting things along the way!

“What’s down there?” ” It might be a crocodile or a shark!”

“It looks like snow!” “It’s a spider’s web”

“I like these flowers” “You can’t touch those, they’re for the bumble bees”

We remembered that we shouldn’t touch or eat anything we see growing in the forest.

“They are like little apples” “No they are beries. We can’t eat those. Only animals can eat them”

We were able to hear birds “singing” and “water”  as we walked closer to our site. We saw lots of cows “having a sleep” in the field. Finally we arrived and saw the river!!

We had lots of fun exploring the river. We used our nets to see what we could catch!

We had lots of fun throwing stones into the river to see how far they could go and which stones made the biggest splash!

We discovered the big stones made a huge splash and the little stones made a smaller splash.

“There’s lots of bubbles”

We used our wonderful imagination to create our own Forest story!

“I found a tunnel. Maybe an ant lives here” “He’s in the wee hole in there” “Maybe we could give him this rock and it would be his bed” ” No that would be too big for him, this one is smaller. Let’s give him one for his brother” “He needs a kitchen” “He needs a living room and some food” ” The mud can be the food” “The grass can be cucumber, I like cucumber” ” I like cucumber too” “There’s lots of rocks. We made a garden. This is our Forest”

Finally, there was just time for a yummy snack before we walked back to nursery.

We can’t wait to go back to the Forest next week and explore.

From earth to table snack today!!!🥕🥕🥕

The toddlers have been growing vegetables in our garden. We have been watering  them regularly and today we were able to harvest them! We enjoyed some delicious toddler grown snacks including carrots and  spring onion,  with a potato to take home for later.

We firstly picked our carrots, spring onions and potatoes.

Then we washed the soil off.

Finally after working so hard today, we enjoyed tasting our Cart Mill grown vegetables at snack time.

The children have been learning where our food comes from and it was nice to be able to learn and share together. 😀



Flapjack fun!

Today the children in the toddlers had so much fun making yummy, sticky flapjacks! We did lots of measuring, weighing, melting, greasing and mixing to make the perfect consistency. This morning it turned out a little bit dry, so we put our thinking caps on… how do we make it stickier? The answer of course, was more sticky syrup!! We added some extra tablespoons of syrup to see if it would change the texture as it  was “too crumbly” and “crunchy”the first time, and it turned out just right. Well done guys! See if you can spot the difference.

We can’t wait to see what the children decide to make next from their book of baking ideas. Stay tuned!!


30 Days Even Wilder

Today we opened our gardens up so the whole centre became one big happy wild space for all the children. Day 19 of #30dayswild saw us watering our garden plants, or at least that was the plan but the children had different ideas…
After watering the plants our children decided they would prefer to fill up the mud kitchen puddle, water themselves and also the odd CDO! There was so much laughter and it was lovely to see our toddlers exploring the big garden.

Our plants need a drink.

Now let’s make some mud

We’re cooking caramel sauce