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Our Sewing Club

A small group of our children have started a weekly sewing group, which will run in blocks to allow any interested children to join in.

This week we are setting our rules, to keep us safe, and discovering the different patterns that we can make with the coloured thread.  A couple of the children have asked if they can learn to sew their names.

This is a great way for children to develop their fine motor skills, hand to eye coordination and perseverance.

Apple printing!

The toddlers have a fantastic new tree inside their playroom. They decided it should become an apple tree with lots of green and red apples on it. We used cut apples dipped in paint to create some lovely apple prints. We discussed the different parts of an apple and that the stem is what holds the apple to the tree. Some children wanted to add brown stems to their prints. We were surprised to find out that the stem is the only bit of an apple you can’t eat!! The children are looking forward to cutting out their apples and hanging them to our tree once they dry.

30 Days Even Wilder

Today we opened our gardens up so the whole centre became one big happy wild space for all the children. Day 19 of #30dayswild saw us watering our garden plants, or at least that was the plan but the children had different ideas…
After watering the plants our children decided they would prefer to fill up the mud kitchen puddle, water themselves and also the odd CDO! There was so much laughter and it was lovely to see our toddlers exploring the big garden.

Our plants need a drink.

Now let’s make some mud

We’re cooking caramel sauce