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Welcome to our mud cafe

Today in our garden we have had lots of fun transforming our mud kitchen into a mud cafe where the children served up some delicious food!

Firstly the children worked as a team to create their own menu, the children showed great writing skills and fine motor control.

After the menu was complete it was time to open for business! The children picked what they would like to eat from the menu and our lovely ‘waitress’ took their order then off to the kitchen she went.

“I’ll have the ice cream and pasta please”

The children were super creative in the mud kitchen, working together mixing the mud, water and loose parts to make the yummy food.

“I’m making a delicious cake with mud and water”

Now it was time to serve the food!

“Here you go, the spaghetti is ready’

”It’s a little hot, be careful”

The children love spending time outdoors in our mud kitchen. It offers them many benefits such as exploring sensory play, working as a team, using their imagination and of course being outdoors, as well as many more. 

Blossom mud pie

The children were having lots of fun in the mud kitchen today making lots of delicious food but they needed more ‘ingredients’ so we decided to go a local walk to collect some flowers that had fallen off the trees.

Once we had collected lots of blossom, we took it back to nursery and into the mud kitchen. The children decided they would like to make a blossom mud pie, so we got to work on the recipe. The children worked as a team to collect all the ingredients, measure, empty and fill the containers before voila! A mud pie, hand decorated with the blossom.

Once our blossom pie was ready the children took it over to our ‘restaurant’ and cut it into pieces giving everyone a bit.

”This is so yummy”
Who knew mud could look so good!

We are gardeners!

Today in our garden a group of children have been super busy taking care of our lovely planting area. Firstly we had to weed our planters using gardening tools then we used our gross motor skills for digging, carrying and lifting. As we were digging we came across some insects that live in the soil and mud, so we made sure that we were extra careful.

After we weeded our planter we went into the greenhouse to have a look at what we could plant, the children decided they would like to sow beetroot seeds. We had a chat about when is best to grow certain ones and the affects the different seasons and weather have on the plants and all the different fruits, vegetables and flowers.

The children will be a big part of taking responsibility and care of our vegetables and flowers.  We had a chat with the children about being patient when waiting for our vegetables and flowers to grow and that we will need to keep good care of them by watering regularly for them to flourish. 

Exploring and developing our garden!

Today in our garden we have been super busy! The children have worked hard as team to create a fairy garden! Firstly they painted the wooden logs their favourite colour, we then explored the garden to see what other resources we could use then got started, creating it all by themselves using a variety of natural loose parts, Well done!

The children then decided they’d like to make a potion made from a mixture of water, mud, acorns , grass and leaves.  They had lots of fun!

The mud kitchen is a very popular area in our garden. It is an exciting, messy and creative area to play in. The children experience sensory and imaginative play as well as developing skills in numeracy, science, interaction and communication. I wonder what they will make next time! 

Reused and Recycled🎃

Today in the toddlers we wondered what we could do with our leftover pumpkins?

We split the pumpkins into halves…..what could we be using them for???

We scooped out the seeds

We added some water to the shells

We added some seeds to the shells…

We put them on the shelf, who could they be for??

We waited very patiently…….

Yay the birds came to visit, so we used something that was going to be thrown out for another us – well done tods👏👏👏👏👏👏



Cart Mill’s Creepy Cabin

The children have had great fun this week working together to create a spooktacular creepy cabin.

We started on Tuesday by making spiders using pine cones and pipe cleaners. The children used their fine motor skills to cut the pipe cleaners and also to slot them into the pine cones, great work guys!

On Wednesday the boys and girls designed their own spooky pumpkin face using a variety of 2D shapes. The final result looks fantastic and very spooky!

Thursday involved making leaf ghosts. The children had fun painting the leaves and chatting about whether they were making happy, angry or scary ghosts.

Today we made witches hats and draw a variety of Halloween images on the points of them.

And here is Cart Mill’s Creepy Cabin! A collaboration of many fantastic pieces of work. Our spooky pumpkin in the corner, spiders, ghosts and witches hats hanging all around and even some broomsticks in the corner.
Absolutely fantastic work from all the boys and girls, well done!

All things Autumn

Today in our toddler garden we have been super busy. The children have been very interested in pumpkins. Some of the children have been talking about seeing them in the shops, in their homes and within our nursery. So today we have came up with a brilliant idea to plant our very own pumpkin seeds.

“I have this big pumpkin at home, I made it into a ghost”

The children were very engaged today exploring the autumn provocation, filled with lots of loose parts and different sizes, colours and textures of pumpkins. The children were asking where pumpkins come from and why there are different colours, so this is where we got the idea to grow our own.

“we water them, they grow so big”

Here we are, super busy digging and planting the seeds, the children said that we must come out and water our seeds everyday to make them grow big.

Tuneful Tuesdays

Today in the Studio it is all about music. We have been exploring the sounds that can be made from each instrument.

We sat together and each chose which instrument we wanted to play. We choose from percussion instruments such as the Maracas and woodwind  instruments such as wooden chimes.
We sang songs and played our instruments alongside.

We then explored the sounds that the bells made. We discovered each bell played a different pitch of sound. We experimented playing low sounds and higher pitch sounds and grouping the bells by these sounds.

We further discussed sounds by talking about playing quietly with soft sounds, and loud with harder sounds. We chose twinkle twinkle to sing along with as our soft sounds song and incy wincy spider as our loud song.

We took our learning outdoors to investigate our music wall. On this we have a selection of everyday objects we can use to make sounds. We had pipes, pans, pots, trays  and used bamboo sticks to play the sounds. Each object had its own unique sound.

We all joined together on the outdoor stage to use the instrument we all have, Our voice.  We sang action songs and rhymes together. I wonder where our musical journey will take us to next, stay tuned to find out.

Outdoor Bookbug fun

Guess who came to visit us in our Cart Mill garden? Bookbug! Today’s Bookbug was all about the weather.

We have experienced lots of different types of weather this week, so we sang different weather songs and rhymes such as Incy wincy spider, Dr Foster, Mr Sun and I hear thunder.

Out came the stretchy Lycra and incy wincy spider got to bounce up and down representing his climb up the water spout.

We had so much fun moving the lycra whilst singing our songs.

We finished off our Bookbug with a lovely story about a bear experiencing a stormy  night .

“Goodbye everyone, goodbye everyone, glad that you could come!”