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Transient Art

The children using the Art and Design area have been looking at combining  different materials to create a piece of art. We selected a variety of loose parts and the children chose which ones they wanted to use and created their own artwork in the frames.

We discussed how we can re-use the materials to make other things too!

”I can make a doggy, they have four legs”

”I’m making my daddy”

”I’m making a stick man, he has two legs and two eyes”

Working with Clay

The clay area in our centre is growing in popularity.  I have included a few photos below,  of a child who worked with the clay today to create his own piece of art.

Why is it important for our children to work with clay?

First of all it is a sensory experience as clay feels completely different to play dough.  It can be described by children as cold. wet and like dirt.

Next, because clay isn’t as soft as playdough, children have to work their fingers and palms a bit more and so are further developing their fine motor skills.

Overwhelmingly though, working with clay is a highly creative experience.  As children express their thoughts and feelings in the clay, as they mould it to take on the form of their imagination.

Details are added so that the clay model fits with what is in the child’s imagination about the way it looks.

Happiness is what is felt when children have opportunities to show what they know through open-ended materials and experiences.

Buried Treasure

Today the children were looking at treasure maps on the computer. Grace said “maybe we could draw our own one”. This idea came from the children’s sustained interest in sea creatures and under the sea in the creative area. Michael said”I do an “X” here, and that means thats where the treasure is”

As an extension of this learning experience, the children would like to do a treasure hunt tomorrow..


Our centre is beginning to feel more lived in as we begin to display the  children’s artwork.  We are keen to display the beautiful pieces that your children have created and Siobhan has begun to use unusual spaces on the walls to do this.

img_3675 img_3674 img_3673 img_3679

The works of art are inspired by the themes of Scotland, Myself and Winter.  We are hoping to enter a national art competition so watch out for news about this in the future.


Halloween is coming

The children were being very creative with the seasonal fruit. They spent lots of time carving their pumpkin and scooping out the middle…think we will make soup with that…

Inaya was very happy when she managed to scoop out all the seeds from inside with the special tools that we have at the family centre.

Once all the pumpkins were carved, some children decided to paint a beautiful picture of their creation.













Works of Art

Creativity takes many different forms at Cart Mill. As individuals, our children are learning to express their creativity using a variety of resources. The children know that there is no right or wrong way to express their thoughts through a piece of art, in this way they enjoy the process of creating art and are not overly preoccupied with an end result.