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Exploring Tartan

With St Andrew’s day this week, the children have been discussing all things Scottish. We decided to have a look at tartan fabric. First, we did some research on how tartan was made. The coloured threads are made from wool and you usually need between two and six colours to make the pattern on the fabric. A machine called a loom is threaded up and it moves forwards and backwards, weaving the threads together to make the design. We discovered that you need over 7 metres of material to make one kilt!!

We also had fun looking for our own family tartans. One child found out that theirs has some red in it red. Some of us could not find our tartan so we decided to make our own Cart Mill family tartans. The children were very creative using cars, wooden blocks and cotton reels rolled in paint before moving them across the paper to create a chequered, tartan design. The children also chose some tartan strips of paper to cut and glue onto their kilts. Cutting helps develop a child’s fine motor skills by encouraging independent movement of each finger, it also promotes hand/eye coordination.
We then decorated our room with our lovely new tartans. Why don’t you have a look and find out if you have a family tartan, if not, you could make one too!

We look forward to learning more about Scotland and its heritage this week.

Music and Rythmn

Today was very exciting, we had a music teacher visit us.  We had our listening ears on!! . We sang some new songs and followed the actions to warm ourselves up.

We all got to choose a musical instrument and learnt their names, we played them very loudly and really quietly. We moved the instruments around high and low then left  and right to the beat and count of 1234.

Our teacher, a lovely lady called Lyndsey, then played a ukulele which is like a small guitar. We sang If You’re Happy and You Know It and then Sleeping Bunnies. As we all listened, and joined in, we got a sticker at the end. We are looking forward to next week to see what we will learn.  🎶.

Creating Silhouettes

Today the children are  having fun learning about silhouettes “a shape or outline in a block colour with no detail but you can still recognise what it is”. The children had a look at some silhouettes on the board and then we were ready to create our own.
We chose one of the children to draw around . “Look how big I am”.  The children were very careful using the scissors to cut around our silhouette.  Some of the children wanted to draw around their own hands to make silhouettes. We then used black paint to cover our silhouette. The children worked very well together choosing different parts of the body to paint and sharing  the brushes and paint.

We then played a great guessing game using animal silhouettes . What do you think it is? “ a snake.” We learned new words today and had great conversations about body parts, animals and silhouettes. We are going to continue looking at silhouettes – look out for our silhouette creations!

Pumpkin Seeds

Today we reminded ourselves of our story. Pumpkin Jack. It was time to open our pumpkin and see what was inside ?.  “Its seeds”

The children enjoyed scooping the seeds out the pumpkins. They had great conversations about how slippy and slimy the whole process was. We gathered lots of seeds to make pictures.

The children were very create designing their own styles of pictures. We all picked our own paper, glue, pens and pencils . Using these resources helps the children develop their fine motor skills. “ I am making a big pumpkin “ and “ mine will have lots of seeds inside it”. We have some lovely pictures to take home , we hope you enjoy them as much as we did creating them.


Pumpkin 🎃 Fun

The children are very excited as it’s nearly Halloween 👻. Today we listened to a story about Pumpkin Jack, a boy who had a Halloween pumpkin. After Halloween he put the pumpkin in the garden and over time the pumpkin began to rot away into the ground. The following year he watched a stalk grow from the ground and the leaves got bigger and bigger and a new pumpkin grew and was ready to use again for another Halloween.

The children had a look at our own pumpkins. We had different sizes, shapes and colours. We discussed how some were heavier than others, the smaller ones were bumpy and rough and the bigger ones were smooth and soft. The pumpkins felt cold and smelled like “pumpkins and witches“.

The children then designed their own pumpkin pictures This helped develop their creativity and fine motor skills using our art resources. They were able to choose their own art materials to create great pumpkin pictures. Well done.

Next week we are going to open the pumpkins and look inside!!!!. What do you think we will discover?

It’s Autumn !!!

The children in the studio are noticing the change in the weather. “There are lots of leaves on the ground”. We decided to look at some leaves and see if we could find them on our leaf ID Dial. The children pointed out the different sizes, colours and shapes of the leaves. This helps us discover the name of the tree that  the leaf came from. We then read a story about autumn time and the change this makes to our trees. “We like to kick the leaves in the park”

We then had some fun drawing and tracing the leaves some of the leaves were “bumpy” to draw over. The children chose autumn colours of pencils and crayons to make their 🍁 look real.  The children decided to hang the leaves from the white board so they could copy and draw round the shape of the leaf.

We have enjoyed learning about leaves today and, if you are out and about during autumn, we would welcome any leaves, pine cones and conkers that you find so we can use them for art work in our studio. Thank you.

The Studio’s Resident Artists

In the studio we have been discovering all about the artist Paul Klee. We had a look at some of his pictures and the children pointed out the colours and shapes they could recognise. He was an artist who used many different media to paint with. He used a wide variety of geometric shapes along with letters and numbers to make playful figures of animals , people and buildings. The children  used marbling inks to make patterns on the paper and then cut up the paper to use in their pictures. They worked well together and discussed what colours they would like to add.

The children also chose to work with chalk pastels, water colour paint and selected some foam and tissue paper to cut up into shapes that they could recognise from his paintings.  The children were developing their fine motor skills whilst using the scissors and glue. We were all very creative and imaginative when producing their own master pieces. Well done. We look forward to discovering how the next artist will inspire us.

Painting with Magnets

Today in the studio we decided to paint using magnets.  We moved metal objects around the paper and over the paint to make patterns. The children chose the colours of paint they would like to use and practised their pouring skills to fill the paint trays.

The children were creative and used the magnets to draw paper clips and screws across the paint and make some lovely designs. This then expanded to making paint patterns on the spoons which were very effective. The children combined different colours to make different shades “This looks like a river” and “I have a pond for ducks”. The children also enjoyed discussing there techniques which improves their language and social skills.

We are looking forward to exploring lots of different methods of using paint in the new term.

Toddlers and Water 💦

Today the toddler children have been investigating the different ways we can use water. We learnt that some items will float in water and some will sink. “Look the bin lorry sinks”. We found stones and shells in the garden and they didn’t float. The children came to realise that if the object was heavy it would sink to the bottom.  We found ducks and they liked to float on the water, this made the children think about what else maybe lives in water we looked around our garden and discovered some fish, frogs, sharks and dolphins, that all like to be in or around water.

When we finished, we talked about what to do with the water with a little help we discussed how to recycle the water and give all our growing vegetables in the garden a drink. The children searched the garden and came back with their chosen containers to carry the water. We practised some great pouring, measuring and balancing skills to transport the water to the vegetables. Well done tods.

Toddlers explore outdoors

With the success of our sports day the children have asked to go back out into the large open space beside the nursery. We have been exploring the world around them whilst experiencing new smells,  sounds and textures. We have been discovering how we can use our bodies learning how fast we can run and practising our balancing skills running up and down hills.
We have also enjoyed some new walks around the local area. We first discussed some road safety and listening ears before we left the nursery. The children were very excited to discover a river near the nursery we watched the water move over the rocks and listened to the sound it makes.

We have also had several visits to the swing park which is always great fun. The children are always excited to try out their physical skills and are making great progress with their balancing and climbing skills. They also encourage each other which helps develop their social skills and of course friendships.