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Toddlers Autumn Walk

Today the toddlers took advantage of some better weather and went for a walk. We decided to look for leaves which were different colours. We also spotted a thistle, some berries “that only birds can eat”  we found pine cones and some of the children thought that the pine tree was tickly to touch. We brought the leaves and pine cones back to the nursery so that we can make a lovely Autumn picture.

Toddlers build Old MacDonalds Farm

Today the children have had fun discovering the animals on Old MacDonalds farm. The toddlers discussed what kind of sounds the animals made and what their babies are called.  One of the children took the farmer for a ride on the horse. We also enjoyed listening to the story, singing the song and creating our own imaginative play with the farm animals. At one point the barn caught fire and a fire engine was called to put the fire out. Fortunately all the farm animals were saved, hoorah.




Toddlers visit the Fire Pit

Today the toddlers enjoyed a visit to the big garden to help make vegetable pakora and watch it cooking on the fire

The children could feel the heat from the fire and warmed their hands while they waited on the pakora cooking. They also thought the ash looked liked snow  . We even got to try some and it tasted really yummy !!