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We are gardeners!

Today in our garden a group of children have been super busy taking care of our lovely planting area. Firstly we had to weed our planters using gardening tools then we used our gross motor skills for digging, carrying and lifting. As we were digging we came across some insects that live in the soil and mud, so we made sure that we were extra careful.

After we weeded our planter we went into the greenhouse to have a look at what we could plant, the children decided they would like to sow beetroot seeds. We had a chat about when is best to grow certain ones and the affects the different seasons and weather have on the plants and all the different fruits, vegetables and flowers.

The children will be a big part of taking responsibility and care of our vegetables and flowers.  We had a chat with the children about being patient when waiting for our vegetables and flowers to grow and that we will need to keep good care of them by watering regularly for them to flourish. 

All things Autumn

Today in our toddler garden we have been super busy. The children have been very interested in pumpkins. Some of the children have been talking about seeing them in the shops, in their homes and within our nursery. So today we have came up with a brilliant idea to plant our very own pumpkin seeds.

“I have this big pumpkin at home, I made it into a ghost”

The children were very engaged today exploring the autumn provocation, filled with lots of loose parts and different sizes, colours and textures of pumpkins. The children were asking where pumpkins come from and why there are different colours, so this is where we got the idea to grow our own.

“we water them, they grow so big”

Here we are, super busy digging and planting the seeds, the children said that we must come out and water our seeds everyday to make them grow big.

Spring is coming!

The toddlers were really busy learning about how a seed can grow into a beautiful flower. We listened to a story about growing plants and flowers and wanted to make our own.

We filled some pots with compost and added some seeds.






We watered the seeds in the pot to help them grow and sat them by the window for some sunlight.

We will be looking after our plants by watering them and hopefully repotting them in April when we will add them into the greenhouse in the big garden.