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Planting and growing 🌱

Today in our lovely sunny garden we were super busy planting our potatoes. We had previously left our potatoes in our greenhouse in the sun to chit, so we looked to see if our potatoes were ready to be planted, they were so we got started. The children used their gross motor skills for digging, carrying and lifting the soil over to where we are growing our potatoes, they then placed them into the black bag and covered them in soil again.

The children will be taking responsibility for the care of our vegetables in Cart Mill’s garden and that we will need to make sure we are watering them regularly, especially when the weather is sunny. We discussed what things we needed to do to look after our vegetables and also that we will need to be patient while waiting for them to grow.

Imaginative play in the garden

Today in the garden the children had great fun using our giant polydron pieces.

They checked out some pictures for inspiration before drawing up their own plans.

The children worked really well as a team to create various designs, developing their problem solving skills and communicating their ideas.

“we made a train, all aboard “

“look at our house”

The possibilities are endless and through polydron activities it will help them to grow and develop to their full potential.

Outdoor Sensory Area

We have decided to create a sensory area in our garden. We made a list of all natural resources that we could collect when on our local walk. We all helped to collect stones, sticks, leaves and pinecones.

“I found a big stone, let’s put it in the bag.”

Once back from our walk we made labels so that we could sort the loose parts into a section each.

The children then had fun working together to match and sort.

“We’re almost finished.”

”We need to collect more stones.”

Our sensory area is beginning to take shape and we have lots of great ideas for different natural resources we could collect to add to it.

Come and visit our toddler den 🛖

Welcome to our toddler den, a place where we can investigate, explore, shelter and use lots of natural open ended resources in our play

Our small world is a particular favourite.

Look who came to visit our den today……Bookbug!!! The children were so pleased to see him and sing some songs and share stories.

We all enjoyed singing Incy Wincy Spider, Gail is a little nervous of the real ones 🕷😳

The children love to be outside and in our den it feels like we’re inside when we’re out!

Autumn Soup!

We have been having great fun in our garden today, the children have been super busy playing together, cooking up a storm in our mud kitchen. We have some delicious soup made from a mixture of water, mud, acorns , grass and leaves.

“It needs to go in the oven, will be 5 minutes”

”Mix all together”

”Empty the mud in”

The mud kitchen is a very popular area in our garden, it is an exciting, messy and creative area to play. The children experience sensory and imaginative play as well as developing numeracy, science, interaction and communication skills. I wonder what they will make next time! 

Water fun in the sun

Today in the garden the children had great fun expressing themselves playing with flowing water.

Using their problem solving skills to half fill, fill to the top and overflow with different containers.

They used their imagination to build a slide for the water and fill a “goldfish bowl ”  for the fish.

The children displayed great concentration using the hose to fill the containers without spilling any.

They showed great teamwork helping each other fill containers and jugs using the funnels.

Some very special fun was had holding your finger at the end of the hose to squirt the water everywhere.

I am very pleased to be able to tell you that the children were excellent  at turn taking, well done boys and girls.

Christmas in the Cart Mill garden!

Today in our garden we were exploring different Christmas experiences..

The children were using different materials to create some transient art Christmas trees, developing their fine motor skills by practicing Christmas words in the rice and exploring different sized and shaped pine cones and counting them out.


They selected different coloured materials to create decorations on their Christmas trees.

They also worked together to count out the different sized pine cones. Great teamwork!

D was able to copy the word ”Elf” by using his mark-making and fine motor skills to create the letters in the rice!

I wonder what other fun Christmas experiences we will explore throughout the week.