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Room on the Broom

The children have been listening to Room on the Broom this week as part of Halloween. They have been discussing who their favourite characters are and why. They have also been discussing the different events that happen throughout the story. The children then decided they wanted to draw their favourite characters and try to write the word to match. Then they selected the characters from the ”witches cauldron” and chose the colours that they needed to use to draw them.

”The witches bow is yellow, she wears it in her hair”
”The bat can fly away from the dragon trying to eat it”
”I can draw the witches wand, it does magic with the potions”
”The bat is my favourite one, it’s black”

Dough Disco

Clare introduced the children to “Dough Disco” today. Shonette Bason Wood invented this technique, believing that by doing a daily dough disco, the child’s brain learns to control the fingers a lot quicker.  This is a fun way that aids fine motor development. During today’s experience the children were introduced to 5 moves.  Ellie said “we squeeze it”Kaile said “we roll it in a ball”. Amber  said “we splat it”. Lewis said “we rolled a sausage”.

Exploring Letters in the Outdoors

Today the children used chalk and chalkboards to explore writing both capital and lower case letters. Matthew was very keen to show his skills. He could identify most letters and he could talk about a big letter being at the start of a name.

Cameron also was very keen to show his writing skills. He began to explore the difference between upper and lower case saying; “that’s a big letter”

Cameron also asked why the big letters and the small letters are the same…that was a difficult thing to understand!

Christmas time

Today the children were getting prepared for Christmas. Some boys and girls were writing Christmas cards, others were making their list, and checking it twice…just in case they forgot something wonderful.

Gia and Calum chose the gifts they would like by looking through some catalogues.  They cut out the pictures and pasted them onto a Santa letter…a great idea.

Ben copied words that were scribed for him to write his letter to Santa, as did Sophie.

After all that hard work the children listened to a story “My letter to Santa”

Elmer’s Adventures

Recently, the children have been enjoying exploring the  Elmer stories and today they created Elmer stories of their own.

This involved them telling their story to Clare and then she wrote it down for them.  They also drew the pictures and gave their story a title.

Emeli created the story ‘Elmer in the Jungle’.  This story is about a leopard who becomes Elmer’s friend.

Ben and Ayana linked their stories to rainbows after they saw rainbows in the sky on Friday.

Look out for our very own book of Elmer adventures which will soon be on the bookshelf in our story corner.


The boys and girls were discussing their experiences of fireworks today.

Georgia said ” I heard them last night, they look like colourful”.

Erin – “Fireworks shoot in the sky and they do a big bang then you see the colours”

Marissa said “I did fireworks, they were loud and one was like a water fountain”

The discussion led the childrento explore the different patterns and sounds of fireworks. Connor said “They boom”, Amber said “Bang” and Emeli said “sshhh”.

The children played a game using a dice and they took turns to roll it to see which pattern they got. They  then explored materials for writing and drew the pattern and/or copied the sound word.


Garden Literacy

The children have spent some time exploring literacy in the outdoor area.

The children found the initial letter of their name within the wooden shapes and in magazines and stones around the garden. Some children managed to spell out their name and find other letters that are in their name. Abby and Ellie went on to write their name and draw a picture of themselves, their mum or Peppa pig. Ellie chose to draw a picture of Peppa Pig.

Some children decided to make marks on the ground to represent writing, others managed to write some letters and their name.  Lots of fun…

Julia Donaldson

A few days ago the children helped to make an apple crumble which the described as Gruffalo Crumble. The children then focused on the Gruffalo story. Some children asked about the author, therefore we decided to look for her on the internet…we found some pictures. We printed a picture of Julia and talked about her cat named Goblin. We discovered this when we read the story about her online.

Guy asked Stephanie to write Goblin on a piece of paper then he decided to copy the cats name in his own writing.

The children then explored other books that Julia had written. Ben said that his favourite is “The Gruffalo”