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Elmer’s Adventures

Recently, the children have been enjoying exploring the  Elmer stories and today they created Elmer stories of their own.

This involved them telling their story to Clare and then she wrote it down for them.  They also drew the pictures and gave their story a title.

Emeli created the story ‘Elmer in the Jungle’.  This story is about a leopard who becomes Elmer’s friend.

Ben and Ayana linked their stories to rainbows after they saw rainbows in the sky on Friday.

Look out for our very own book of Elmer adventures which will soon be on the bookshelf in our story corner.


The boys and girls were discussing their experiences of fireworks today.

Georgia said ” I heard them last night, they look like colourful”.

Erin – “Fireworks shoot in the sky and they do a big bang then you see the colours”

Marissa said “I did fireworks, they were loud and one was like a water fountain”

The discussion led the childrento explore the different patterns and sounds of fireworks. Connor said “They boom”, Amber said “Bang” and Emeli said “sshhh”.

The children played a game using a dice and they took turns to roll it to see which pattern they got. They  then explored materials for writing and drew the pattern and/or copied the sound word.


Garden Literacy

The children have spent some time exploring literacy in the outdoor area.

The children found the initial letter of their name within the wooden shapes and in magazines and stones around the garden. Some children managed to spell out their name and find other letters that are in their name. Abby and Ellie went on to write their name and draw a picture of themselves, their mum or Peppa pig. Ellie chose to draw a picture of Peppa Pig.

Some children decided to make marks on the ground to represent writing, others managed to write some letters and their name.  Lots of fun…

Julia Donaldson

A few days ago the children helped to make an apple crumble which the described as Gruffalo Crumble. The children then focused on the Gruffalo story. Some children asked about the author, therefore we decided to look for her on the internet…we found some pictures. We printed a picture of Julia and talked about her cat named Goblin. We discovered this when we read the story about her online.

Guy asked Stephanie to write Goblin on a piece of paper then he decided to copy the cats name in his own writing.

The children then explored other books that Julia had written. Ben said that his favourite is “The Gruffalo”

Brown Banana’s

Today Stephanie and Caitriona were making snack. Caitriona pointed out that the bananas were brown.  We thought that they may have to go into the bin; however Stephanie suggested that the bananas could be used to cook a banana loaf. Caitriona asked if her new friends could join her to make the loaf.

The children helped to find a recipe.

The children were very excited to take their share of the loaf home to eat it with their family members. Yummy!!


Today a lovely bunch of flowers were handed in so that the ladies and children could enjoy their beauty.

The children suggested that they draw a picture of the lovely flowers. They discussed the colour and the different shapes of the petals, the scent of the flowers and the various sizes of the flower heads.

The children created some fantastic drawings.

Lewis mentioned the rose; he thought it was really nice.


Snow Play

Today the snow arrived yipee!!

The children were keen to go outdoors and explore the freezing white flakes of snow. There were different sized footprints and prints with different patterns. The snow began to melt when the footprints were made.

Some children made snowballs and then had the idea to make a snowman. They worked together to make a very handsome Cart Mill snowman.  Others made snow soup in the snow kitchen.

Mhairi decided to write her name in the snow…great fun!

The white feather dress

The children continue to explore the book “The Scarecrows Wedding”.

They used lots of craft materials to create their version of “the dress of white feathers”.

The discussion is now about the sort of clothes they believe should be worn to a wedding.

Amelia said you should wear a dress but other children had different ideas and suggested a skirt, a kilt or a suit; but they all agreed that everyone would look nice.

The Singing Mermaid

The children talked about the rhyming words in the story, they were then invited to make rhyming jars using words from the storybook about the singing mermaid. The children generated their own rhyming words and they added them to their beautifully decorated stick.

Later some children decided to create mermaid tails by using small world figures and lots of loose parts. They used shells, buttons, beads, jewels and sparkles.