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Welcome to our mud cafe

Today in our garden we have had lots of fun transforming our mud kitchen into a mud cafe where the children served up some delicious food!

Firstly the children worked as a team to create their own menu, the children showed great writing skills and fine motor control.

After the menu was complete it was time to open for business! The children picked what they would like to eat from the menu and our lovely ‘waitress’ took their order then off to the kitchen she went.

“I’ll have the ice cream and pasta please”

The children were super creative in the mud kitchen, working together mixing the mud, water and loose parts to make the yummy food.

“I’m making a delicious cake with mud and water”

Now it was time to serve the food!

“Here you go, the spaghetti is ready’

”It’s a little hot, be careful”

The children love spending time outdoors in our mud kitchen. It offers them many benefits such as exploring sensory play, working as a team, using their imagination and of course being outdoors, as well as many more. 

Outdoor Sensory Area

We have decided to create a sensory area in our garden. We made a list of all natural resources that we could collect when on our local walk. We all helped to collect stones, sticks, leaves and pinecones.

“I found a big stone, let’s put it in the bag.”

Once back from our walk we made labels so that we could sort the loose parts into a section each.

The children then had fun working together to match and sort.

“We’re almost finished.”

”We need to collect more stones.”

Our sensory area is beginning to take shape and we have lots of great ideas for different natural resources we could collect to add to it.

Autumn Soup!

We have been having great fun in our garden today, the children have been super busy playing together, cooking up a storm in our mud kitchen. We have some delicious soup made from a mixture of water, mud, acorns , grass and leaves.

“It needs to go in the oven, will be 5 minutes”

”Mix all together”

”Empty the mud in”

The mud kitchen is a very popular area in our garden, it is an exciting, messy and creative area to play. The children experience sensory and imaginative play as well as developing numeracy, science, interaction and communication skills. I wonder what they will make next time! 

Play dough with a twist!

This morning the boys and girls had lots of fun working together to make some delicious strawberry scented angel delight play dough.

  1. First we poured in the angel delight ingredients

  1. The added a cup full of water

  2. And a cup of cornflour

  1. Then we use our gross motor skills to mix mix mix

As you can see the boys and girls showed great turn taking skills.

Here is our finished product, the boys and girls were very happy with it, we had fun rolling, squeezing, flattening and poking the play dough. We also used natural resources to create patterns using our fine motor and co ordination skills.

“I’ve made a pattern, it goes shell then pine cone then shell”




Silky Playdough

In the Toddler Room the children love to make play dough. Today we decided to try a different recipe. The children helped to make some this morning and they had fun exploring its texture and scent. They said it smelt like strawberries.

C used a rolling pin to create different textures
A made a coat and hat for his polar bear

Have fun trying this at home. Here’s what you need to make Silky Playdough:-

1 Cup of Cornflour
1 Cup of Hair Conditioner

Mix the cornflour and the conditioner in a bowl. If its too sticky add more cornflour, too crumbly add more conditioner. The play dough should be soft and ‘squidgy’.

The children added glitter giving their play dough a little bit of sparkle. You can add anything to it. Try buttons or beads to enhance their fine motor skills.