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Creative Toddlers

Today some of the toddlers got creative mark making, selecting their own paint colours and using large brushes and rollers, developing fine motor skills and muscle dexterity they even made their own natural brushes from recycled flowers.  They painted over different textures  eg Anaglypta , tinfoil, cling film, lining paper and  canvas promoting language development  about how the different materials felt. “That paper is rough” “the shiny is cold and smooth”The toddlers talked about the colours they were using and mixing. “ It’s yellow”  “ I like the blue paint best” “I’m making purple” They enjoyed using the roller and big brushes. “I want the biggest brush” “the roller is fun” The toddlers did great turn taking whilst sharing the resources.  The end result was a beautiful piece of colourful art. Well done toddlers!

Halloween Sensory Play

Today the children used pipettes to draw up coloured ink and then dropped it onto the paper. They then used a straw to blow patterns. The children noticed the colours changing as the inks merged. They also noticed that the ink behaved differently on different materials eg “ It’s more watery on the tin foil” “ It doesn’t make patterns on the bubble wrap”

The children talked about the colours they were using and which was their favourite they were able to work together and showed great turn taking skills waiting for their turn of the pipettes.

In preparation for Halloween the children asked for something slimy and gooey to explore. The children decided that jelly would be best. The toddlers helped to make the jelly on Thursday  evening, they measured and stirred following my instructions closely. The children then  hid some natural autumnal items and some not so natural inspired by Halloween in the jelly.

The children used all five senses to explore the jelly. Some used tweezers to take the objects out of the jelly developing their fine motor skills, others dived straight in with their hands.  The children used lots of descriptive language. “”So sticky and cold””Jelly is delicious “ I’ve got an orange jelly” “I see a pumpkin “”This one has a pine cone in it” “This jelly feels good it’s wobbly and wet” “A bug it’s hard and black” “let’s see how many flowers we can get out”” I see three spiders they are tiny”.






Cars and ramps

Today the children have  been super busy making ramps for their cars using the blocks. They decided to make their own ramps. The toddlers self selected their own paint colours and then dipped their cars into the paint and set them off down the ramp. The children noticed that some of the cars went further than others, some went down fast, some slow and that the tyres all made different marks.  They added some textured balls to see what different marks they left. “ That’s left a bumpy mark”  They learned some new concepts including stop, go, up, down, fast, slow developing their language skills and learning about cause and effect.

When asked what they would like to do next with the cars L said “ make a garage “ So they set about creating one. H said “we should use these boxes”. L said “ I’m painting it green, it needs to have a tunnel and space for the fire engine”. The children demonstrated great team work when planning together to create their garage. They were proud of their finished result and had great fun playing together.

Outdoor Bookbug fun

Guess who came to visit us in our Cart Mill garden? Bookbug! Today’s Bookbug was all about the weather.

We have experienced lots of different types of weather this week, so we sang different weather songs and rhymes such as Incy wincy spider, Dr Foster, Mr Sun and I hear thunder.

Out came the stretchy Lycra and incy wincy spider got to bounce up and down representing his climb up the water spout.

We had so much fun moving the lycra whilst singing our songs.

We finished off our Bookbug with a lovely story about a bear experiencing a stormy  night .

“Goodbye everyone, goodbye everyone, glad that you could come!”



Some of Marvellous Monday’s toddler learning experiences 🥰

Today some of the toddlers decided to explore mark making and colour. They used their fingers to push the paint around and make patterns. “I made orange with red and yellow” “This is squashy and squishy” “I can make purple with blue and red”

We also engaged our five senses playing in our very own orange sensory water scooping, pouring, mixing stirring filling and emptying.  The toddlers were able to answer my open ended questions exposing them to new vocabulary.  “The flesh feels soft, but the skin is bumpy” ”Orange juice, I like it” They were all able to take turns and play cooperatively.

Making yummy little banana cakes 😁

The toddlers decided they would like to make some banana cakes for their snack.  Great for developing fine motor skills practice following instructions and turn taking and also introducing new words. First we mashed up our banana. “It’s squishy and cold”

Next we measured out our flour and baking powder using the scales. ” I can see the numbers going up”  “I see number 3 that’s my age “

 “I need to measure how much I put in”

Next comes the egg I“ you need to put two in “

Into the oven. I “ These will be tasty” I can’t wait for snack” A“I wonder if I will be able to taste the banana “ “ How long do we need to put them in for”The children were great at waiting for their turn to add the ingredients. They worked together to guess which ingredient would be added next. They were very enthusiastic about making the cakes and looking forward to seeing and tasting the finished banana cake.

The toddlers make 🍓 jam😍 Yum Yum

Today we asked the toddlers what we could make for our snack using strawberries. T said jam. The toddlers were able to follow  my instructions to make their very own jam to have at snack on a rice cake. We used lots of descriptive language and used our manipulative skills to mash the strawberries. We even  talked about the changes in texture after we mashed  the strawberry.  T “ It’s lumpy “ We discussed what our favourite fruits are and why. C said “I like strawberries best because they are sweet”. H said “she liked banana best because it’s yellow”   T said “I like grapes best” “ B said “apple is his favourite fruit”

H “Can we make a different fruit jam next time”

Expressing ourselves and enjoying being active with sticky Kids 😁

Learning new action Songs and Rhymes, offering an early introduction to music and dance.  Developing gross motor skills and keeping fit.  The toddlers were following the instructions whilst having fun which in turn helps to foster self confidence.

L “I can stand tall and walk like a giraffe “ C “listen to me roar like a lion” A “I can make myself small and make myself tall” H “Jump Jump Jump higher smaller”  A” I’m walking like a penguin “

Tuesday Toddler creativity exploring and learning 🙂

Today the children were painting using their bodies they self selected their own paint colours and some chose to use a selection of different resources to paint with including a T- Rex .  The children were using lots of descriptive language.

“ R I’m putting pink paint in” J” That feels nice cold and squelchy”

A decided he would like to practice his measuring skills using the sensory water beads.  “ 1,2,3,4,5 the jug is full” “These feel squashy and slimy”

J and A wanted to practice their fine motor skills by threading  the pasta.    “ I’m using blue that’s my favourite colour “

“ I’m making mine into a bangle”

We made our own pond

We read a story about pond life and the children each chose something that they thought would be in a pond eg grass, sticks, pebbles, dirt fish,frogs and butterflies.

The children then had fun making up their own pond and adding the insects and objects found around the garden. The children were deeply engaged in discovering where frogs could live and what they could hop to in the pond. They learned that frogs start off as tadpoles and fish live underwater. We also learned about floating and sinking as small sticks float, pebbles sink and grass floats.