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How can we make a ramp?

Today we had a little change about in the Discovery Room. We moved some of our areas to give us more  space to explore and investigate. The children helped to redesign our play space and had lots of enjoyment playing in the new layouts of the areas.
With the different space the children decided to create their own  big ramps. To see what could roll down them.
First we tried the car on the wooden plank. It went fast and rolled right across the room.

Next we tried to see how fast the car would roll down the big tube. It was very exciting waiting to see the car come out the other side.

Some of the children made their own ramp from the blocks. And decided to investigate what else would roll down the ramp.

We asked the question what else can we roll? We found that the cotton reels were great to roll down the wooden plank, they went almost as fast as the car.

We even discovered that the wooden circles spin and roll

Today was a very busy day in our Discovery room, I wonder what adventures tomorrow will bring.

Welcome to the Discovery Room

Welcome to the Discovery Room. Within this room we have lots of opportunities  to explore, discover, design and create.

We have our science and technology area where we can investigate and discover how things work. We have our loose parts area where we can choose what fun and wonderful things we can create using a variety of natural materials.  We also have a large construction area filled with different shapes, sizes and types of blocks.

This week the children have been busy exploring block play. They have been using their imagination and creative thinking to design and build amazing castles, houses, towers and car tracks.  We also work well as a team to share our ideas and build together.