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Let us entertain you!

We have had a busy day in our Studio. We have explored our creativity and imagination through art and storytelling.
Using a selection of junk and art materials we  were able to build our own puppet theatre.

We shared and discussed what our favourite fairy tale stories were and who our favourite characters from popular stories were. We then listened to some stories before creating our own puppets. Using our great craft and motor skills when glueing, sticking, cutting and drawing  we made our very own puppets all ready for the premier of our puppet show performances.

“ I’m making a fairy for my story”

” Sleeping beauty is my favourite so I’m making Aurora “

Once our audience settled, we began our performances! We sat very patiently and demonstrated good listening skills while we all had a turn of being the puppeteer. For some stories we needed some  help from a friend to puppeteer alongside us as it got a bit tricky trying to hold all the characters at once!
We used our loud speaking voices to introduce our characters and the name of our stories we would be re-enacting. Some of us were a little shy and nervous to begin but when it came to our turn our confidence shone and we were able to re-tell familiar and popular stories using our own words such as ‘The Three Bears’, ‘Goldilocks’, ‘Sleeping Beauty’ and ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. Some of us were able to make our own stories up using our puppets we created.

Well done boys and girls you have been great entertainers! We all enjoyed listening and watching your stories and had so much fun with our puppet theatre, why not give this a go at home? You could make up your own puppets and stories!

Fun time, Junk time 😊

Today in the Studio the children were inspired to be creative by some giant boxes kindly donated by one of our parents.

They decided to build a house complete with a back and front garden and even a chimney. The children worked well together planning how their house should look.

There was a lot of chat about what everyone had in their house and what they could use in the centre to replicate the items. Some of their ideas included;
“ look I have made the key to get into the house, I used a cotton bud and tissue paper” “I think I will make a table to have my dinner at” “ I think there should be two doors at the front “ “ The garden should have rainbow grass” “I’m going to make the grass with different colours of tissue paper” “ I want to make  a dinosaur room for my stegosaurus”  I think it’s snowing at our house” I have made a barricade to keep everyone in the back garden”
What wonderful, imaginative suggestions!

The children used team work and exercised their gross motor skills to move the big boxes to where they wanted them and working together, they were able to use their problem solving skills to keep the roof up.” Let’s put these supports into stop it falling down”  

The children loved using their imagination to make their house and spent many hours playing in it.  Great team work everybody, well done!

The wheels on the bus

Today in the Discovery room we were learning about transport. We looked at different pictures of ways we can travel to and from places.

We shared stories of places we have travelled by bus, cars trains and some of us have been on holiday on aeroplanes.

”I have been on bus with my brother and daddy”

“My favourite is a plane ”

We thought about how we could create our own transport by using our variety of blocks. Together we decided to make our own bus so that we could go a trip to the zoo and beach. We displayed great teamwork and together we chose which blocks would be best to make our bus.

First we built up the side of the bus using the longer pieces. We found that the square block would make good seats on the bus for the passengers. We made a special compartment for the bus drivers.  We made doors for everyone to come on and off the bus. We added a fuel tank to ensure we had enough to get home.

Our bus door

That was us ready to take our seats to go on our adventure to the zoo. It gave us a great opportunity to sing one of our favourite songs The Wheels  On  The Bus.

Sensory Christmas Playdough

This morning the children were making chocolate cookies with the play dough. They have been showing an interest in role play, so this lead us to a discussion about different senses we could explore .

The children used their sense of smell to test and compare the various flavours. We tested cocoa powder, peppermint, salted caramel, ginger, orange and lemon.

 Ginger –  “gingerbread man  , Nannas house”

Peppermint – “mint choc chip”

Cocoa powder – “Christmas pudding  and cookies

The children then independently made their own playdough using their favourite scent.

The children then explored with their playdough and decided to make lots of different  shaped cookies and candy canes for Santa. They used the home corner to put them in the oven to bake.

Ahoy ship!

The children in the Studio today created a fantastic story which started with a cardboard box .

The cardboard box became a boat and then the sea was added using a blue piece of material.

Pink material was wrapped around and suddenly there was a fish in the sea with the boat.  Then some brightly coloured mermaids joined  the gathering.

Next a crab with great big claws came to join the sea travellers.

The fish, mermaids and crab danced around the ship and the ship’s captain shouted “Ahoy ship!” and the fish said “We are swimming to America!”

The children’s role play recorded in this observation was truly creative.  They used the materials around them creatively, they worked as a team to tell the imaginative story and they directed each other’s movements like actors in a play.

“Play is the highest form of research” said Albert Einstein and we can’t agree more.


Playdough Experts!

In the home room the children have been particularly enjoying using the playdough in different ways.

They have been following our playdough recipe and are now very confident at making it themselves.

Once the children had made the playdough they used their imagination and turned the playdough into space rockets.

”3..2..1.. blast off”

“My rocket is going to the sky”

What else could we do with our playdough? Well some of the children even decided to open their own sweet shop and sell the best chocolates!

“ Here’s your chocolate, that’s five pounds please “


Little Red Riding Hood Visits The Home Room!

In the home room, the children have been enjoying the story ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ and exploring it indifferent ways.

The have been looking at story cards and homemade puppets and decided that they wanted to re enact the story themselves and turn themselves into the characters!

Using the different  materials and resources around the room they creatively made different props in order to create the story.

When I grow up…

Following on from our theme of “When I grow up” from book week, the children in the home room have been role playing different jobs and roles they want to do when they are older exploring real life situations through their imagination and role play experiences.

Developing mark making and early writing skills. R and E are ”doing my homework” E discussed that her brother does his home work when he comes in from school. ”I will do that when I go to school too”

R – ”I’m the teacher, I’m reading a story to the boys and girls”

L – ”I work on the computer and we need to answer the phone, it’s really busy!”

S – ”I’m in the doctors you need to wait for your appointment and then the doctor makes you better with medicine”