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Salt Dough Cookies

The children have been role playing ‘cooking and baking’ in the home corner so we thought it would be good to make some food to play with.

Rhonda brought in a very unusual cookie tin for the home corner and the children decided it needed some cookies to put inside it.

The children got to work making salt dough cookies.  They followed the recipe, measured the ingredients, mixed it all up and then cut them into round shapes.

They put them in the oven to bake and when they cooled down the children made them look more like real cookies using paint.

The Three Little Pigs

This week Kaile asked for puppets in the drama area to do “the piggies and a big bad wolf”.

The children listened to the story throughout the first day to familiarise themselves with it. We spoke about the characters being in a book and the children recalled the characters in the Three Little Pigs and drew images of them.

Today the children gathered the props to act out the story. This enabled the children to explore how they can use their voices and express themselves through drama.

Pippa told us that they used bricks “cos he can blow both the others down but can’t do the bricks”

The children transferred their learning into the block area and built houses for the pigs.


Chocolate Playdough

Clare and the children made some chocolate playdough this morning, adding some chocolate powder to the original playdough recipe.

They enjoyed pretending to make chocolates and cupcakes with the finished product.

Callum thought it smelled like chocolate.

Connor was very safety conscious, he knew that he needed an oven glove to put chocolate cupcakes in the oven.

Lewis said “We can make chocolates and cupcakes” , then he sang Happy Birthday to Arran.

Arran counted all the cupcakes he made.

Happy Weekend Everyone

The “Musical Bear” visits Cart Mill

Arran chose to dress up as Elsa this morning. Sophie decided she would be Anna and that they should play musical instruments and sing “Let it Go”.

They both used the stage to perform the song. Sharing and turntaking skills were developed as they shared the musical instruments.

Afterwards, the “Musical Bear” joined us to play a game  which will help us learn and remember the name of the musical instruments. The children were able to join in as the game went along and they learned the tune and words.

The Musical Bear promised to come back to Cart Mill Family Centre. See you soon Bear!


A Puppet Show – Jack and The Beanstalk

This amazing Puppet Show experience took place last week, however we have been so busy I am only now managing to add it to the blog. The children decided that they wanted to do Jack and the Beanstalk. As you can see, they were extremely animated when it came to playing their parts.


All of the props and character puppets were made by the children, so it was a real child led experience developing confidence and self expression.

Express yourself!

As you can see, Expressive Arts can take different forms, from singing, moving to music, to creating tangible artwork. There are no limits to creativity, and this is why it is important to give our children the opportunity to access many different resources which they can use to express their thoughts and ideas. Each child will have a unique and individual approach to expressing themselves in different ways. Children will learn from each other as they work side by side sharing their experiences.